ExxonMobil Funding of “Climate Change Denial”


The climate deniers have been out in force leading up to the Paris climate change conference – just as they were in Copenhagen in 2009.

The Funding of Influential Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy

Global Research, December 04, 2015
Desmogblog.com 1 December 2015

exxon-mobilIn a sentence buried at the very bottom of a story making headlines nationwide, Politico revealed for the first time one of the funders of Columbia University’s influential Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP).

The funder: ExxonMobil, the company embroiled in a New York state Attorney General investigation for its extensive internal knowledge of the impacts of climate change since the 1970s, followed by Exxon’s funding of climate change denial campaigns to the tune of $31 million. Politico got its numbers from ExxonMobil’s 2014 Worldwide Contributions and Community Investments report.

While Politico reported on Exxon’s grievances about the Los Angeles Times’ twopart investigation conducted by students and staff at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism that exposed what Exxon knew about climate…

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14 thoughts on “ExxonMobil Funding of “Climate Change Denial”

  1. Isn’t it all about money? People who invested in coal for instance, do not want to see their investments totally lose in value. But if they are smart, they already invested also in renewable energy.


    • Excellent point, Aunty. A lot of us are also really concerned about the role fossil fuel companies play in corrupting our democratic governments. They have played a major role in driving US military aggression in the Middle East. With the decline in new oil discoveries elsewhere, US oil companies have been really keen to get their hands on major oil supplies in Iraq, Iran and Libya as well as securing control of key pipeline routes.


  2. Great article… Makes one want to pay attention to those who research independently, no which side of the debate one is on… Especially important, if one is undecided… It is like you always say, ‘follow the money’… scammers are attempting to tripping us up at every turn….


    • ‘Following the money,’ in a context where funds for scientific research serve either private or political interests above truly ‘scientific interests,’ i.e., is a quest for the truth about a matter that most certainly will have profound political and/or economic implications, is actually a good idea. For example, if we are to honestly ‘follow the money’ where it leads,

      “According to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, during the past 10 years, promoters of the man-made global warming hypothesis received more than $50 billion in funding in the United States alone. On the other hand, the skeptics who doubt that this hypothesis is true, received only $19 million over the past 20 years from Exxon-Mobile, i.e. 0.04 percent of what promoters gained in half that time (EPW 2007). – Zbigniew Jaworoski, MD., Ph.D., D.SC. “The Sun, Not Man, Still Rules Our Climate,” April 12, 2008, p.14.

      (Note that that was the situation in 2008. The disparity in funding has likely widened considerably since then. But I’d have to find corroborating literature.)

      Of course, Corporations are not interested in environmental issues or in scientific truths that might impact their bottom-line. But then why is there such a huge disparity in funding to scientists who believe in ‘climate change’ and those who are undecided about its causes and think that a multitude of other hypotheses yet merit serious scrutiny? Who decides where the funding goes and on what basis? That is a good question, is seems to me. Jaworoski makes a few suggestions as to why this might be.


      • – Age Of Deception –
        The ugly fact is that both sides of the debate are being funded, and the best strategy the globalists deploy is to control both sides of the debate and create doubt and infighting among the community of good intention activists, environmentalists and other concerned researchers.
        The Hegelian dialect is very effective, which is why it is seen so often.
        The false conservative/liberal; False republican/democrat; false West vs East and the list is long indeed with institutional governance and the international monetary system within the worldwide geopolitical matrix.
        We have documented evidence of the technocratic agenda promoting global warming decades ago for changing citizens’ “attitudes and behaviour“.
        We have documents of geoengineering and climate manipulation operations.
        Documents show hundreds of billions of dollars promoting global warming as simultaneously only a relative few hundreds of millions go toward “denying” global warming.
        Creating a “red herring” is another way to dismiss the true opposition’s facts (no thanks to the devious Koch Brothers convenient oil connection).
        There is a worldwide web of deception; I invite everyone to research deeper.


        Happy New Year, to everyone!


    • Thanks, lozzafun. One would hope that all scientific research would be independent. The problem that arises when corporations fund our scientific research is they suppress results they don’t like (that hurt their profit making potential) and they harass and blacklist scientists who persist in trying to publish unfavorable results. We have seen this repeatedly in specific fields – especially in research involving lead, asbestos, cigarettes, fluoride and GMOs.


  3. Thanks for the link, Norman. I guess the main problem I have with the article is the assumption that every single academic scientist who engages in climate research is biased in favor of the global warming hypothesis and that they only publish studies that support this hypothesis.


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