My First Flash Mob

Yesterday New Plymouth was one of 35 New Zealand communities kicking off the global Peoples Climate March calling for real action on climate change at COP21.

In our community, 100 people celebrated with a Peoples Climate Picnic and rally, followed by a flash mob in our mall and a march down Devon Street.

We chose City Centre mall, based on predictions it will be under water with a 6 meter rise in sea levels (to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing).

Fifteen thousand people marched in Auckland, ten thousand in Wellington and eight thousand in Christchurch.

More coverage of other marches here: New Zealanders Rally to Global Peoples Climate March

devon streeturs

12 thoughts on “My First Flash Mob

      • Perhaps not a “conspiracy cooked by western liberals,” but certainly a very convenient ‘issue’ for pushing a range of very specific corporate interests. I don’t know if you would be interested in this particular post, but on the off chance that you might be:

        Global Warming: How It All Began — by Richard Courtney

        I still have to dig a bit more to find other independent corroborating sources (I don’t yet know how much ‘faith’ I can reasonably place in anything that Richard Courtney might have to say on the matter, I’ve only just come across this person’s scribblings), but on the basis of this piece, if one were to take it at face value or at least at first blush, it would seem that the ‘alarm’ was first sounded by ‘western conservatives,’ under the leadership of Margret Thatcher and with the support of her UK political party. At the time, the promotion of nuclear power was high on the agenda of the establishment form a military-industrial standpoint, and conjoining this particular ‘interest’ with that of the environmentalists seemed by the political elites a very pragmatic effort to pursue, more likely than not to succeed . . .


      • From Courtney’s essay, I especially like this flowchart illustrating the feedback effects of mutually re-enforcing ‘interests’ invested in promoting the idea of anthorpogenically induced global warming:

        Courtney titles his chart: “Positive feedbacks supporting UK imagined risk of global warming.”


  1. Yes, Norman, I did see your post about Courtney’s work. And it’s true that numerous corporate interests have attempted to spin the global warming issue to promote their financial interests (eg the pro-nuclear industry and the carbon traders). However I think Courtney makes a logical fallacy in concluding that all climate science is bought and paid for by corporate interests.

    The evidence on the other side is far stronger – that the fossil fuel industry, the most powerful corporate interest in the world, has consistently fought any organized political effort to reduce greenhouse gasses. One of their most potent strategies has been to cast doubt on the integrity of climate science (James Hansen first began studying the greenhouse effect in the 1970s). The climate denial campaign has been spearheaded by the PR firm Bonner and Associates (which also spearheaded the campaign discrediting the science linking cigarettes to cancer).

    See and


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