do Belgians really need civil liberties when they have funny pics of cats?

With western civilization (and cute cats) on the line, Belgium imposes martial law.


In what may well be a test case for the rest of Europe,the capital city of Belgium is placed under what amounts to martial law. People are being advised to “avoid places where a lot of people come together like shopping centers, concerts, events or public transport stations wherever possible.” The transport system is shut down. Armed soldiers and police and military vehicles are patrolling the streets. Residents are told to stay inside. In photos the city appears deserted, apart from military gentlemen carrying automatic weapons.


And all this in response to a completely theoretical “terror threat”, that has not, as yet, harmed a single Belgian citizen.

But never mind about that – the Guardian tells us it’s all cool, because Belgians are Tweeting funny pictures of cats!


So, laugh. Take your meds. Stay indoors. Get in the cattle trucks when we tell you to. Don’t ask where they’re…

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17 thoughts on “do Belgians really need civil liberties when they have funny pics of cats?

  1. HG Wells’ Time Machine:

    Eight hundred years in the future, the “Eloi”, the above ground-dwelling inhabitants of earth had, over the millennia, been conditioned to blindly and obediently head underground every time they heard an air-raid siren. There, the Eloi would be cannibalized by the “Morlock”, who had kept them fed and healthy for the slaughter.

    It seems, with this article, that life is now imitating art, only in this case, it’s “terror threats” that are being used to condition the masses for slaughter.


  2. My Mothers Parents where born in Belgian and spoke Flemish it would not take much to ignite animosity between French {protestant) and Flemish (catholic)


  3. Isn’t this crazy??…I read several of the tweets with cat photos yesterday …. At First I thought if would be messages on top of the cat photos… Do you remember the photos from people of Sierra Lone during the Ebola panic?…. Facebook and social networking censored everything in text that were posted by people concerning Ebola..deleted it….

    So to get the truth to the rest of the world they, took photos of themselves with banners in front of restaurants with phone numbers on the business signs…. One of the messages said “America you are being lied to about Ebola’, call us”

    Evidently it is more difficult to censor photos???….Orwellian, does anybody know how Orwell could predict so accurately??


  4. And the meida are hardly repoting it in the UK just the number of arrests they are making. I’ve not see any picture on our new or papers come to that. We have have the rubbish the the Sun is say about the flawed (and it proven) survay say 1in 5 Muslims support jihadists. You can always rely on the sun to spread rubbish propaganda, unfortunately it works and well !


  5. “War On Terror” = Worldwide Conditioning
    The script is revealed, and the next phase of the international monetary system will be installed to solve the (wait for it) unexpected emergency crisis.

    Compliance is mandatory, or you must be a terrorist!
    Obey and all will be fine…


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  7. Have you started requiring people to sign in to comment? for some reason my WordPress sign in never works so I used facebook. But, anyway, yes, this incidents are showing no place in the world is truly free and despite all of our connectivity people’s minds are being manipulated by media, money, and the military/drug/industrial complex. It’s at these times I’m grateful I know the only true reality is spiritual and I know my safety and security is in my spiritual practice. This material madness in these times will pass.


    • No Skywalker I haven’t changed anything. That’s just WordPress and it’s annoying. Excellent point about spiritual practice – it can definitely protect you against people and institutions that seek to manipulate you.


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