18 thoughts on “The US Police State

  1. The founding fathers would have seen the million plus police in America as a standing army-this never occurred to me, but I must admit, it sounds spot on.

    Another odious trend is the growth of Neighborhood Watch Capo’s. They used to report crimes, however the local Watch has now become Stasi-like. Akin to the Soviet era hall monitor, the capo’s now watch the behavior of any neighbor deemed to be odd or a potential “threat” (often unknowingly placed on various “threat assessment lists”). Often these groups devolve into vigilante activities to settle personal grudges. The fact that a town close to me has a Program in which every capo watches 6 to 8 houses and reports to a superior is telling:

    From the Murrieta, California Neighborhood Watch manual, page iv:

    Block Captains act as spokespersons for the group of homes assigned to them. Block Captains are responsible for the following:
     Block Captains are assigned a certain number of homes in their tract (usually six to eight homes). 

     Report directly to their Tract Coordinator. 

     Maintain a telephone listing (tree) of all the families assigned to them.

    Coincidentally, this is about how many citizens spies were operational under the Stasi.

    I wonder whether or not the mobbing, starting in the early 1980’s, that made “going postal” a household term, is now rampant in local police departments, and, if this may be a big causal factor in the increased deadly aggression being taken out on the citizen?


  2. This is alarming, it’s true.

    But also it’s consistent with the American Spirit, that of violence.

    While America has a few peaceful people, a few. It also has more than its share apathy and indifference, of gangsters, punks, thugs, criminals, and rapist. How this all came to be is another issue, but it doesn’t take away from the fact.

    And violence begins early, the ritualistic circumcision of male infants, the tormented and tortured food on our plates that are absorbed by our cells, school sports, professional sports, television, video games, hunting and fishing in the name of yet another blood sport, cockfights, dogfights, the sensationalizing of wars and movies of sniper heroes, religious elitism, the list goes on and on. But it is our culture. One of violence. Like it or not. And most seem to like it, a lot.

    As for me, this info graph can come as no surprise. You might say, we get what we damn well deserve. Of course that is a condition with an unfortunate collateral effect. But such is life. We didn’t start the fire, but we damn sure throw gasoline on it, and everybody needs to take a good hard honest look at themselves, their life, and their life styles, if things are ever going to improve, in this country, in the world. And I have zero faith that will happen.

    Thank you, Dr. Bramhall.



    • I still tend to agree with Derrick Jensen in Endgame that most of the violence originates with the state and is invisible even though people get conditioned by it and come to accept it. Cutting off access to water to poor people in Detroit is a violent act, as is denying poor people the food they need to sustain themselves.


  3. something that Mae Brussel said a long time ago quoting Jim Garrison that to me is spot on
    We . . . are in great danger of slowly evolving into a proto-fascist state. It will be a different kind of fascist state from the one the Germans evolved; theirs grew out of depression and promised bread and work while ours, curiously enough, seems to be emerging from prosperity. But in the final analysis it’s based on power and the inability to put human goals and human conscience above the dictates of the state . . . Of course, you can’t spot this trend . . . The test is: What happens to the individual who dissents? In Nazi Germany, he was physically destroyed; here, the process is more subtle, but the end results can be the same . . . Huey Long once said, “Fascism will come to America in the name of antifascism.” I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.


  4. The Gov’t is fighting a war against it’s own people; not convinced? There are more than 72 Million mugshots, that means nearly 25% of Americans have at some point been arrested. 30% never will be convicted of any crime but is subject to extortion, the rest couldn’t afford the $5000 retainer for a decent lawyer and makes office furniture so cheap even the Mexicans can’t compete.
    In the US house of representatives, on either side of the American flag, there are depictions of a Fasces; they’ve never hidden the fact that the Gov’t is fascist, the evidence is there in plain sight…yes, go look already!! Then look up the flag of Mussolini’s political party and the Seal of the United States Senate. The Fasces goes back to Roman times, and they weren’t very democratic either, ..but they were brutal. Greetings.


  5. Back in the early nineties I spoke of this country being a police state. it’s only progressed. But, in reality, it was pretty much that way from the beginning. From the indentured servants and slaves coming in on the east coast to the prisoners settling in Georgia.


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