Thousands Chickens from KFC Farms Confiscated as Mutations Worsen*

Factory farming at its finest.

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Thousands Chickens from KFC Farms Confiscated as Mutations Worsen*

KFC’s largest chicken supplier in Springdale, Arkansas was reportedly raided by the FDA on Monday due to suspicions of mass mutations taking place in their chickens. It has been no secret that KFC plumps up their chickens with the use of steroids and hormones in order to create a bigger yield to supply their restaurants around the world. However, the accusations of mutated chickens has been streaming across the Internet for years commonly referred to as a “conspiracy theory.”

Now, with the FDA raid, those accusations are no longer “theories,” but proven fact. In the photos just released, you can see just how “mutated” these chickens have become due to their scientific experiments. Experiments that they were hoping would yield them twice the chicken legs for half the price. Getting four legs per chicken was estimated to bring them an additional…

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20 thoughts on “Thousands Chickens from KFC Farms Confiscated as Mutations Worsen*

  1. It has been years since I visited a KFC ‘restaurant’. The pumping up of animals by steroids and other horrible things to maximise profits is making the world less and less atractive.
    There is some hope on the horizon with MacDonalds stores closing down. Even so, their profits were up. Perhaps by shaving of the circumference of their minced meat patties or smaller buns, billions of extra dollars are made. Who knows?
    Has anyone noticed the toilet rolls are getting narrower and narrower?.


    • What really gets me are the health issues linked with factory farming. I got cured from eating factory farmed chicken after getting campylobacter twice – it’s literally the sickest I’ve ever been. It’s the direct result of raising chickens crowded knee deep in their own feces.

      The corporate myth is you can avoid campylobacter by cooking it thoroughly and keeping your utensils and cutting surfaces clean. This is nonsense.


      • It is sad, but so true! I’m alone a great deal, so late at night, to end the deafening silence, I resort to the tv, and I constantly flip from one station to the next, because everything is so predicable and insane.

        And then I get on line, and there is more of the same. But I guess it has always been this way, it’s just I wasn’t awake and aware enough to recognize it years ago.


  2. “Americans now eat more than a million chickens per hour . . . And we’re [they’re] convinced it’s health food. We are in the worst shape we’ve ever been in.” – Dr. Neal Barnard


  3. As I used to spend my summers helping out at my Uncles chicken farm and pork and chicken are my stable foods. I too am horrified but not surprised as not long ago cow manure fed to chickens was in news.


    • Clearly industrializing food productions was one of humanity’s worst ideas. With Monsanto’s and McDonald’s recently declining profits, it seems much of the public is learning that eating this crap is a really bad idea. At least we can hope.


  4. Glad this news is official. Generally sickening. Horribly cruel and unnecessary.Even if you could justify the steroids and hormones, what kind of idiot-in-charge could not wonder if they were pumping the chicks with too much???


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