KILL THE MESSENGER: “Kurt Cobain was killed by the CIA” says ex-wife Courtney Love

I lived in Seattle in 1994 when Cobain died. According to his friends and family, he wasn’t suicidal, and there were major inconsistencies in the forensic evidence (the official police report kept changing, as in John Lennon’s shooting). A Justice for Kurt Cobain site was set up soon after his death: Justice for Kurt Cobain


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– In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife, Courtney Love, claimed that the frontman of Nirvana did not commit suicide, but was murdered by the CIA because of his “anti-establishment political views”.

In an interview with the prestigious Californian tabloid, the well-known actress and musician made some surprising comments concerning the death of her ex-husband. Ms. Love explains that she had always known that her husband was being followed and tracked by the CIA. She adds that, for many years, she had believed that the stress caused by the secret service’s constant harassment had pushed him to commit suicide.

“When the Nevermind album came out, Kurt was rapidly hailed as “the spokesman of a generation” and he gained tremendous influence,” she said. “He was almost immediately approached by the Freemasons, the Illuminatis and other secret societies as well as the CIA and other agencies, because all of them wanted to recruit him. Kurt wanted nothing to do with…

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23 thoughts on “KILL THE MESSENGER: “Kurt Cobain was killed by the CIA” says ex-wife Courtney Love

  1. Dr I think the FBI and military has as much to do with terrorism in music industry starting with LSD and hippy culture in 60ty to counter VN protest.


      • He actually says that Courtney tried to hire him to kill Kurt. Apparently according to the Nick Broomfield documentary El Duce passed a lie detector test stating this (he doesn’t seem to have the background for “beat the box” training).
        Cortney Love is a luminary who has spoken at ACLU and ADL meetings (one speech is seen in Broomfield’s documentary).
        Love’s attorney found evidence indicating that Courtney planned to get arrested the night before the “suicide”. She broke attorney-client privilege and spoke to a private investigator about it:


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  3. I have no doubt this could be true, since any tyrannical thing is possible in this hell hole.

    But Courtney Love? Not a fan of trash rock and roll, and from what I’ve seen of Love, I don’t know that I would consider her to be trustworthy.

    But then again, with the CIA so wrapped up in the trash, commercial music business, it could very well be!

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    • The issue for me at the time was that the forensic evidence didn’t add up. This was a few years after a client in the postal workers union supposedly beat himself up and jumped from the 5th floor of the Seattle YMCA. The newspapers said the police had declared it a suicide, but what really happened was the postal inspectors had seized the evidence file so they couldn’t pursue a homicide investigation.

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  4. You know, Tubularsock has never liked the CIA’s tunes. They really are more of a basement band rather than a garage band. Their re-release of their single Syria isn’t doing very well on the charts.

    That new band Putin Surprise looks like it might have an explosive hit coming out soon. At least there is some promo happening.

    Now Tubularsock is not well versed in the music scene but Benghazi Love isn’t bad but man-o-man Clinton just doesn’t have the right voice. Tube would have gone with Tom Waits!


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