Free Syrian Army ‘sharing experience’ with jihadists

So-called “moderate” Syrian rebels continue to defect to the jihadists – taking their US-supplied weapons with them. Nice dress, though. Shows a real fashion sense.



In the Aleppo region of Syria, “moderate rebels“ were caught by the Syrian army while trying to flee the battlefield disguised as women.

Sputnik International reports:

Thirteen members of the Free Syrian Army have defected to the Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra in what a FSA commander described as an “experience-sharing act.”

Abu Hashem, the leader of one of the largest factions of the Free Syrian Army, which is viewed in the West as part of the moderate opposition, justified his men’s defection by the need to fight the common enemy – the forces loyal to President Bashar Assad.

“Thirteen members of our brigade have joined the ranks of Jebhat an-Nusra [Jabhat al-Nusra or Nusra Front] to share their combat experience… with their brethren fighting our common enemy – the government forces,” Abu Hashem was quoted as saying by an opposition website.

Abu Hashem’s 500-strong brigade, armed, among other things, with Grad and Katyusha multiple-launch rocket systems and artillery pieces, has been fighting the government forces in the…

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2 thoughts on “Free Syrian Army ‘sharing experience’ with jihadists

  1. The United States has provided more weapons to be used against it than any other country. Then there’s the millions of dollars in military equipment we leave behind after every deployment simply because it cost so much to bring home. I’ve always wondered what the trade off is. If we can afford to move the equipment to the war zone, why can’t we afford to move it home. Instead we leave it there to be used against us. Some of the most successful the battles fought against US soldiers and that have killed the most US soldiers have been done so with US military equipment by non US forces.


  2. There is more and more evidence coming forward that all the US military equipment ending up in ISIS hands hasn’t been “accidental” as we’ve been led to believe – that the US and Israel have been covertly supporting ISIS as a way to overthrow Assad.


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