That Prelude to 9/11: the Oklahoma City Big Lie

I first learned about the government role in the OKC bombing six weeks after it happened when I read the report published by ex-FBI investigator Ted Gunderson, “The Gunderson Report of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma April 19, 1995. It’s available on line at The Gunderson Report

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Oklahoma_City_Bombing_Murrah_Building Oklahoma_City_Bombing_Murrah_Building

But black is white, war is peace. Reality is what the corporate news decides it is–eventually. Eventually. But that would require erasing history and sending it down the memory hole. Luckily Americans are largely morons who lack rudimentary reasoning skills.

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17 thoughts on “That Prelude to 9/11: the Oklahoma City Big Lie

  1. I recall NATO warned Russia, back in June 2015, by performing military drills/exercises in the Baltic and Northern Poland.
    Today I read that NATO warned Russia to End Air Strikes in Syria…

    The escalation of the World War continues.


  2. Brigadier General, Benton K. Partin, an explosives expert explains on local access TV why a blast of the magnitude and blast pattern could not have come from McVeigh’s truck whether it was a fertilizer bomb or any other type:


    • You’re right. It couldn’t have been a fertilizer bomb. Gunderson quotes Michael Riconosciuto who believes they used an electro-hydrodynamic gaseous fuel device he developed. This was what originally interested me in Gunderson’s report as Riconosciuto was also implicated in the Kennedy assassination.


  3. A state trooper, Terry Yeakey, tried to perform an independent investigation. His witness was railroaded to a psychiatric hospital, and he was found a mile from his policecruiser with defensive wounds to his arms and torso. The autopsy found it was a “suicide”:

    The Gunderson files also point to the involvement of a corrupt FBI Deputy Director named Larry Potts who was integral to the conspiracy.


  4. An excellent documentary on Waco is The Rules of Engagement (1997). The most chilling part of the video is night vision footage of the FBI using machine guns to gun down Davidians fleeing the compound. There is also film of Congressmen and Senators viewing the footage, and a law enforcement official stating that it was justified under the circumstances.


  5. Thanks Dr. for the Gunderson Report It is new to me, right away I see Pash and Gen. Osbornes connection to Operation Paperclip, Next we have there connection with Dr. Jolly and Korean POW.
    Day of Oklahoma Bombing I was driving back from Reno NV to Canada listing to talk radio and it was full of speculation that Muslim Terrorists where responsible. Day of Waco mass murder I came in from Rio de Janeiro beach turned CNN on and saw 1 or 2 Army tanks pumping gas into compound and fire starting within seconds of turning TV. On. 9/11 my brother was driving me to Castilgar airport to catch a flight to Thailand when 2nd building came down. I say all of this because most of my research involves me stumbling on to things.


  6. I came across this report several years ago. Up to that point, I had figured it was some kind of government con job but wasn’t certain.

    If it involves the word “terror,” and innocent men, women and children have been murdered (sacrificed) by a lone person or small group, and it’s all over the msm day and night, then I can be certain it is a government agency false-flag/black-op!

    What just happened in Oregon is a prime example!


    • Based on what I new about the OKC bombing, I was immediately very skeptical about 911. As were many other people. In Feb of 2002, late JFK assassination researcher John Judge came to Seattle to talk about the air force fighter stand down and a bunch of other anomalies that were immediately apparent to casual observers.

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