As Secret Trade Talks Reveal Cracks, Demonstrators Aim Death Blows at TPP

The most recent report from the New Zealand press is that an agreement is expected on TPPA, and there will be a press conference in 15 minutes. I’ll provide an update as soon as we hear.

Pacific trade deal opponents hope that if Atlanta round fails, pro-corporate TPP could be knocked off track indefinitely

stoptppbanner-400x209Image: A poll released Wednesday by the Coalition for Better Trade shows that a clear majority of voters who can offer an opinion about the proposed TPP say they oppose the deal. (Photo: Citizens Trade Campaign/Twitter)

As trade ministers from around the world continued meeting in Atlanta on Thursday forfinal-stretch negotiations on the corporate-friendly Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), civil society groups demonstrated on the streets in a final salvo against a deal they describe as “a wholesale auction of our rights, our freedoms, and our democracy to multinational corporations who put profits over people.”

High-level officials including Japan’s Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Akira Amari and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key have warned that if the talks do…

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9 thoughts on “As Secret Trade Talks Reveal Cracks, Demonstrators Aim Death Blows at TPP

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  2. I find it difficult to accept ‘democratic’ decisions about the TPPA. I feel the TPPA would bring changes to our way of life that I abhor. Why can’t I know the origin country of a product? Why can’t I choose to buy home-brand medicine?


    • I agree Aunty. As I understand, Australia deserves a lot of credit for making the US back down on extending US drug patents. We won’t know for sure for 30 days – the details of the TPPA treaty are secret till then.


      • It would be nice for everyone concerned if they could agree on a bit less secrecy. How can we in all honesty make up our mind about all this if there is so much secrecy involved?
        At least our politicians who are supposed to be able to vote on it should be given all the details well ahead of time so they can make up their mind.
        So, it is 30 more days before the details of the TPPA treaty will be known! How very frustrating!


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