Education Secretary Duncan Steps Down!: Raise a toast with me this evening, and let’s drink to downfall of the whole testocracy

Teachers all over the US are celebrating the resignation of Charter School/Common Core czar Arne Duncan. A strong proponent of the corporatization of public education, Duncan is best known for using high stakes testing to “punish” under performing schools by closing them and replacing them with private charter schools.


Arne Duncan has been one of the most destructive forces to public education in the history of our country.

Duncan was appointed by President Obama as the Secretary of Education, but his real role has been “testocracy tsar”–as his signature policies of Race to the Top and Common Core have been singularly focused on promoting high-stakes, standardized test-and-punish policies in service of the privatization and charterization of the public schools.  One of the most cruel aspects of Duncan’s legacy was his pronouncement that Hurricane Katrina was “the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans”–coupled with his celebration of the fact that because of Katrina, 100 percent of the New Orleans schools were converted to charter schools. Duncan’s initiatives have been designed to reduce the intellectual and emotional process of teaching and learning to a single score that can be used to close schools, fire teachers, stop…

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11 thoughts on “Education Secretary Duncan Steps Down!: Raise a toast with me this evening, and let’s drink to downfall of the whole testocracy

    • Great idea. NASA is useless and there are far important things to spend our scarce taxpayer dollars on. I’m not exactly sure how to “boycott” NASA? To the best of my knowledge I don’t currently purchase any products and services from them now. Are you talking about refusing to pay income taxes?

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      • I address that in the link above with NASA’s contact info. Yes, ultimately revenue streams must be stopped via taxpayers refusal to pay, and that effects all of government misdeeds, including wars and other foreign entangling agreements.


  1. Yes the Hoplite nation of killer sheep who see no evil and perform as exceptional American mercenaries abroad and killer kops at home. God forbid if the ruling class allowed the truth to escape their control.


    • Hoplite – now that’s a new word for me. According to Wikipedia, they’re the citizen-soldiers of ancient Greece.

      The good news is the word is starting to get out, thanks mainly to the Internet and social media. Possibly it’s this greater level of global awareness that gives Russia and China the courage to stand up to US hegemony.


      • The concept of public education was flawed from the beginning; it was just another manipulative device of the elite to raise up a herd of brain dead workers to be used, abused and discarded, which is exactly what it is today, along with a pipeline to keep prisons up and running.

        I have no problem with a self-governing/sustaining community coming together to plan out a course of action to educate their children. In fact I would actively support such a system of education: a system where the parents were as involved and responsible for the education process as the teachers. And this is what I personally have seen happening in homeschooling communities in the state I live in.

        We need to get away from a system that indoctrinates children with values that are not those of the parents and community, instead of producing well-informed students capable of problem solving and free thinking creativity.

        I taught in a major public education system, and it doesn’t work. And the teacher’s unions are part of the problem, just as unions are in every other area: unions have become as elite owned and operated as the school systems and corporations they pretend to defend the teachers and workers against (they probably began this way). And I know this by experience as well, and not only as a teacher, but as a factory worker (in my late teens), musician and AT&T employee.

        The entire self governing community (village) may HELP raise the child, but the direction and responsibility for the raising is the responsibility and domain of the parent first, foremost and forever!

        Not that I have an opinion;-)


  2. Sorry. I didn’t see the link you attached.

    Needless to say, this is a positive. But unless the Seattle community is willing to secede from the power of the federally run state government, sooner or later these “victories” for the student will be either overturned or simply never implemented. The government is not going to allow a dependent community to do as they wish, educationally. It’s not going to happen.

    So I hope, when this happens, the Seattle residents and teachers will realize it is the system itself that they need to “detach” from. They need to check out their state neighbors to the South, don’t they!


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