Who’s Winning the War on Terror?

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My friend Sajjad Shaukat has given me permission to re-publish an excerpt of his recent article in Veterans Today  about predictions he made in his 2005 book US vs Islamic Militants: Invisible Balance of Power. The book, which I reviewed last year, lays out Sajjad’s theory that the rise of stateless terrorist groups has created an “invisible balance of power.” The latter performs the same function in curbing US state terrorism as the Soviet Union did prior to its collapse.

The Veterans Today article calls attention to numerous predictions his book made which have come true. Among other predictions, Sajjad forecast the Sunni-Shia civil war in Iraq, increasing sectarian violence in other Muslim countries, US/NATO attacks on new Muslim countries, increasing state terrorism by western countries and increasing global economic instability.

He raises a good point in his first paragraph. The US clearly isn’t winning the war on terror. All the evidence would suggest the “terrorists” are winning.

Global War on Terror: Pakistani Author’s Future Assessments Proved True

By Sajjad Shaukat

Given the prolonged US-led global war on terror, some media analysts are forecasting the defeat of the United States and its allies, pointing to the acceleration of terror-attacks in volatile countries, financial crises and the heavy cost of endless American war. But no one talks about the future assessments Pakistani author Sajjad Shaukat made in his book, US vs Islamic, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations, which was published in 2005.

In his research-based book, while taking this new style conflict as an interaction between the “group terrorism” led by Al-Qaeda or Islamic militants and state terrorism by the US, Shaukat points out that Muslim militants have been checking the hegemony of the sole super power.

Read more here:  Veterans Today


Sajjad Shaukat is a journalist/author from Lahore Pakistan with a master’s degree from Punjab University in journalism, English and international relations.

23 thoughts on “Who’s Winning the War on Terror?

    • It’s really sad to see the total absence of any consideration of ethics, moral or human integrity in these experiments. In universities, researchers are required to get approval from an ethics review board for all their experiments.




  1. I disagree the war on terrorism is salve made war by the west to keep the Military/industrial complex in power. Terrorism is fuelled by Sunni Arab states starting in Afghanistan with the backing of west.


    • I’m not sure the article is trying to make this claim, Gerry. As I understand it, it’s talking about the balance of power between US state terrorism (civilian bombing, torture, extrajudicial killings etc) and Islamist terrorism. It doesn’t really speculate on the cause or source of the Islamist terrorism.


  2. Hi Dr. Bramhall,

    Have you heard FBI informant Emad Salem’s taped conversation with FBI NYFO supervisor John Anticev? It seems to suggest that the FBI knew a live bomb was going to go off in advance of the 1993 WTC bombing? Here is a link:


  3. You’re welcome. There is a lot of information about modern terrorist events that comes out initially, often in local news outlets, and quickly gets dropped. If you ever post a general piece about government conspiracy then I could share a lot of interesting and obscure information. I believe that most terrorist events in this country have had, at a minimum, government complicity, since, at least, the proposal for the Northwoods Operation.

    There is also a wealth of information on MKULTRA and its connections to political assassinations, as well as blowback from that program’s alumni (Ted Kaczynski, Whiety Bulger, etc).


  4. After reading various comments on my book, I feel it necessary to give my response in relation to this article about my book. First of all, I am thankful to Stuart Jeanne Bramhall who re-posted this article on this website. In fact, I already assessed as to what is going to happen regarding global war on terror in my article, “Invisible Balance of power”, published in Pakistan’s leading newspaper, on 10 Oct. 2001. I earlier wrote about various implications of this different war.
    However, the Pope Francis in his recent address to the US Congress and the UNO pointed out the failure of war against terrorism, power factor, negative effects of globalization, unequal world order and economic instability in the world including other implications, while emphasized the need to reform the UN system. He also said that fundamentalists are in every religion. He stated that owners of the arms industries are killing the innocent people. I regret that some critics are equating the Pope Francis with the Middle Ages or Marxism, while he wants global peace, as it is dividing the world on religious lines, and he spoke for the largest interests of the whole human humanity, without any religious discrimination. President Obama in his recent speech at the annual session of the UN General Assembly admitted the failure of power factor or force in coping with militants in connection with the global war on terror and asked all the countries to help the US in this regard. He also showed America’s frustration in resolving Syrian crisis etc. Nevertheless, the present drastic scenario including all these implications which were mentioned by the Pope, Obama and other analysts have all ready been mentioned in my book. Even, Stuart Jeanne Bramhall in her book, “The Most Revolutionary ACT: Memoir of an American Refugee” and in her various articles/blogs pointed out Israeli lobbies, multinational companies/corporate industries and some renowned media houses which are working jointly and they do not care for world peace due to their common interests which I also indicated in my book. Now, Americans have realized these realities, and they have also started criticizing CIA, FBI, military establishment, and their huge budgets. Now, question has arisen in America that are people paying taxes to the CIA which is fighting useless proxy wars in the world.
    Nevertheless, in the last chapter of the book, I have given a number of positive suggestions to the US and its allies. In it, I have written that the US and most developed countries produce ‘surplus’ in sense of Marxism which is being exported to the Third World, majority of whom are Islamic countries. In the present Cyber-era, means of production and communication have improved. Therefore, they need stability in the world in order to fulfill their interests. But, at the same time, they should also give weightage to the grievances of other less developed countries, and must evolve a new world order, based upon the larger interests of all human beings—by reconciling idealism with realism(Power factor). The era of might is right is over. Every country wants peace in the world. Otherwise, these major countries would suffer more than the small countries, if war on terror continued. It could result into clash of civilizations. For details, you should also read the comprehensive review of Stuart Bramhall on my book on this website.


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