82 Contaminated Radioactive Waste Bags from Fukushima Washed Away by Typhoon Floods

A good reminder not to eat seafood from Japan or the Pacific Ocean.

Global Research, September 21, 2015
RT 11 September 2015

fukushima-radiation-400x236At least 82 bags filled with contaminated material from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have been swept away by flood water as typhoon Etau hit Japan, officials said. TEPCO said rainwater from the nuclear plant has been leaking into the Pacific.

Flooding caused by Tropical Typhoon Etau has swept at least 82 bags suspected to contain radioactive grass and other contaminated materials that had been collected at the site of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP). They had been stored in a nearby town in the same prefecture, the Environment Ministry said on Friday, according to local media. Though the Ministry went on to say that most of the bags had been recovered undamaged, local media reported that only 30 of the bags had been found.

Officials said the flooding had not reached the nuclear reactors damaged…

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9 thoughts on “82 Contaminated Radioactive Waste Bags from Fukushima Washed Away by Typhoon Floods

    • As I understand the main problem at Fukushima is that the Japanese government allowed TEPCO to manage clean up operation with virtually no oversight. The Japanese government should have managed the cleanup from the outset – under international supervision. And if Obama weren’t in bed with the US nuclear industry (and trying to minimize the dangers), he would have insisted.

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      • It was more of a rhetorical question. I figured as much. Radioactive waste is starting to show up on the beaches of Northwest America and Southwest Canada, from what I have read recently. And the damage to ocean life is just beginning to be noted.


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