How to Identify an Atomic Clock

A public service announcement for all Texas teachers, principals, school districts* and law enforcement**


Atomic clock (def):  an extremely accurate electronic clock*** regulated by the resonance frequency of atoms or molecules of certain substances, as cesium.
Examples of atomic clocks

diy physicsPhoto credit


physicsphoto credit

sony3photo credit:


complete-modulephoto credit:


Ahmed Mohamed’s atomic clock

photo credit:

*A good way for Texas school districts to avoid national humiliation in the future is to establish equity teams in every high school. This was a major demand in the Seattle teacher’s strike, which was settled Wednesday. See Seattle teachers strike ends

**Law enforcement please note: in Texas it’s against the law to interrogate a minor (no matter how dark his skin is) without parents being present.

***Clocks are used to tell time.

40 thoughts on “How to Identify an Atomic Clock

  1. Sigh! Here we go again … my fellow citizens at their finest — ignorant and proud of it. The sad part? They will probably NOT be embarrassed or ashamed of all this. I am, but it won’t help much! Thanks for trying — could we send them flash cards?


    • Ron raises a good point below that this may be some kind of psyops. Ahmed’s father previously ran for president of Sudan (from his home state of Texas). That smells strongly of CIA links, ie that they hoped to install an American puppet government as they did in Afghanistan. The CIA has been all over Sudan for years protecting 7 sisters oil interests. You should check out Ron’s links.

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  3. Arrested for making a clock? OH! In Texas! Never mind. That’s to be expected. And, I hear tell that Obama invited him to the White House. For another beer summit?

    SIGH! And they just keep piling on STUPID! What can I say that’s not already been said?

    Linda certainly posted an excellent comment!

    Thanks for posting this Dr. Bramhall as you tirelessly try to educate US, although it doesn’t seem to be doing any good! Some of us, however, do appreciate your efforts!


  4. “But it looks like a bomb!”

    Tic-toc, tic-tac, . . . Boom!

    And the kid is a “Ahmed Mohamed!”

    “I don’t know about you, but this to me — as an American committed to our civilizing military missions abroad — does appear to be an explosive combination.”

    Not that I’m projecting ‘guilt’ or anything else deeply subterranean and irrational . . .

    I mean, under the circumstances, you can’t be too careful, can you?


    • On the other hand, should a child who can make an ‘atomic clock’ in his bedroom, at home, be subjected to Texan education? I’m thinking about the good of the child, here.

      And it’s not like they haven’t already traumatized him, of that I’m sure, on top of everything else that must be going through this child’s mind.


  5. You make a good point…. it is getting so kids cannot demonstrate their creative ability… When I grew up, schools and teachers encouraged innovation…. they called it the Science Fair!…

    I feel bad for the kid…. If this had happened to me, at this age, I would felt so knocked down and defeated…. It is like being bullied, isn’t it?…. A form of trauma that creates inhibition…. How sad….


  6. Looking at the smiling 14yo face giving the victory sign. I would think he quit enjoyed scarring the shit out of every one. i know my 7yo greatest joy is jumping out of cupboards and boxes to scare me.


  7. Giggles! (maniacal laughter can be heard from the background) Yes, this is how we treat America’s best and brightest: “Yer tooo smart fer yer bridges Son”. Maybe the Cops should read the laws they claim to enforce before being let loose on the unsuspecting public, ..duhhh. 🙂
    I tinker with electronics, that makes me suspect? I’ll have to sue an American institution of higher learning for illegally teaching me electrical engineering, and thereby compromising my safety! LOL!


    © Tubularsock

    Time enough for stupid
    No time to think

    Telling time in Texas
    HA! That’s the missing link.

    Creationism live and well
    Everybody knows

    Dinosaurs did not tell time
    What they reaped they sewed

    All’s not lost as time will tell
    Must have been some Moslem spell.


  9. Could be another national mass psyop, because there has been agency admissions of a real war against the citizens (for decades) and the public is largely ignorant of this fact.
    What leads me to comment is the fact that the national news media have promoted this story, the presence of large amounts of symbology, the White House is involved, and other intriguing minutia…

    This no coincidence:
    WHO IS the kid’s father?
    Sudan Presidential candidate; No, REALLY!? See:
    Things that make you go hmm…

    “MSM Alarm Clock Story About White House Points to 9/23?”

    This Video Is A Must See!
    Watch the video for possible bad translation, for accurate future prediction or watch it for entertainment value; but watch and be astounded at what a Frenchman predicted from 1987.
    *If you are fluent in French and English then please add your translation.

    Published on Sep 11, 2015
    “Alert! From 1987 Accurately Predicts this September 2015. The man in the video is a French, name Jacques Nietzermann. If this clip is real, this guy makes some of the most mind blowing predictions I’ve ever heard from 1987. Be alert for analysis of his predictions “Doomsday” around September 23 – 28 2015.”


    • Sorry, Ron, but I simply can’t muster the depth necessary to arise to any of these insights. It is of course true that most everything that appears in the MSM is parsed or spun for us so as to manage our perceptions. After all, it’s the ‘corporate media,’ and who do they work for and who owns them?

      Not everything is a carefully managed ‘psy-ops’ as you seem to understand that expression. The elite are powerful but not all-powerful. And imagination, being what it is, can and often does run away with us.

      For me, what is important about this incident, what it underscores in my mind, is twofold: a) how successful the demonization of moslems has been, to the point where the ‘victims’ of “Western” murder, plunder, and oppression are automatically or unreflectively perceived as the one’s threatening ‘us;’ and b) the assault on a child by an inculcated paranoia and a security state, an assault resulting from the media driven brainwashing being perpetrated on the American public to legitimize total war against the people’s of the Middle East — which is the real psy-ops at hand.


      • Re: “I simply can’t muster”…
        I know what you are saying.
        I shared the videos not to convince us all to agree, I am not convinced at the conclusions, however I am aware of the hidden agenda present in the national news-media/White House agents.
        the videos are convenient mediums to point to the peculiarities and esp. note the institutional involvement (which I remind the readers to be aware of the psychological war against citizens as a documented fact that you, Norman, appear to be aware of) that means this story has more behind it than a innocent kid and a fearful community against Islamic religion…

        ISLAM-phobia is part of this propaganda “war on terror”, but much more is also involved in the details of the hidden agendas with future covert ops/false flags.


  10. Intentional Campaign: War On Terror

    “Threats Prompt Lockdowns at 8 San Diego High Schools; Press Conference”

    There is an agenda here, and the citizens’ fears are being manipulated…


  11. I agree the numerological symbolism in the first video is quite a stretch, but given the father’s background, I find it a bit implausible that he would let his son take a ticking clock to school in a briefcase. The fact that he ran for president of Sudan from his home state of Texas also smacks to me of CIA connections. The CIA was heavily involved in fomenting instability in Sudan to protect the interests of 7 sisters oil companies who were after South Sudan oil.


      • I’m in Ohio. And a small town, Utica, cancelled the football game, dance and town festival this weekend.

        And I was surprised by the overreaction. This kind of reaction has not been the norm here, up until right now. Supposedly, the threat was made because of “interracial dating,” but I’m not buying that, since Utica is almost completely white.

        One has to wonder with the mind-control agenda which is part of Jade Helm and all else the elite partake of. I agree with the comment above that we cannot jump to hasty conclusions, but when do a series of events stop being coincidence and start being an agenda or psy-op?

        If it looks and smells like a turd, then mostly like it is!

        Something is brewing.


      • Sojourner, Ron, and Stuart,

        Yes, indeed, something is brewing. It’s called a war, and the ‘mental environment’ is being massaged to that end: Muslims (Russians, Chinese, African- Americans, White Supremacists, the far right, the far left, and so on) are the enemy and paranoia the desired state of mind of every American, that is, fear of Muslims (and of every other boogeyman) on one side, and on the other, fear of being surveilled and arbitrarily singled out by the security state apparatus. The meme is: no one is safe, neither from the boogeyman nor from arbitrary arrest, not even a 14 year old child who has done nothing wrong and is supposed to be ‘safe’ at school, safe from racial persecution, safe from mass shootings, safe from arbitrary detention . . .

        Americans are being terrorized and intimidated – of this there can be no doubt.

        What is one to do? It seems to me that there is only one option is such a circumstance: as an individual you must decide for yourself — to the extent possible — whether to succumb to the intimidation or not, whether to live in fear or with an attitude of dignified defiance.

        Fear and paranoia cloud judgement, make reasoning almost impossible. And that is the object, is it not, to addle people’s minds so that they cannot think their way past all of the threats fragmenting their lives and their communities, so that social cohesion, that is, trust between individuals and groups of individuals, becomes undermined or even impossible? It’s an old tactic and it has a name: divide and conquer.

        The antidote, it seems to me, is to stop being afraid and to start trusting the humanity in everyone, the humanity in the ‘other,’ not naively, but in spite of all possible betrayals . . .

        So yes, let’s not jump to conclusions and stand on what we can be fairly certain that we know: the Ahmed Mohamed incident may be staged or it may not be. We don’t know. But we can be reasonably certain of this inference: it highlights an ‘intended’ racial tension, which in doing so it aggravates; and it also highlights the repressive apparatus of the state, which in doing so reminds everyone that anyone is fair game. Before this, one is confronted with this choice: to focus on race or not and to fear the state or not. Herein lies the nexus of what in the image of the incident at hand calls for your resistance.


  12. Excellent summation Norman. The other problem US activists deal with is the chaos on the left caused by the intelligence-controlled faux left spearheaded by State Dept and leftgatekeeping foundations, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Center for Nonviolent Conflict, etc. Over 50 years these operations have become extremely effective in fragmenting genuine grassroots coalitions to divert energy for corporate interests. I think you posted an article about some of their international shenanigans recently on your blog.

    In his Unauthorized Biography of Barack Obama, Webster Tarpley talks about Obama’s involvement with Bill Ayers and Chicago’s corporate elite in a scheme to disrupt a longstanding New Deal coalition of black and Jewish activist teachers. The tactics used in this scenario were to agitate black parents around claims that Jewish teachers who were the most assertive in the teachers union were racist. The claim was an unlikely one, given long term alliances between the black and Jewish families in union organizing and grassroots politics. In any case, many teachers lost their jobs – usually the most militant ones. And once they were gone, the scene was set to begin closing inner city Chicago schools.

    According to Tarpley, similar tactics were used during the teachers strike in New York City in 1968.

    As a grassroots activists in Seattle, we dealt with this kind of infiltration and disruption regularly in our groups and coalitions. As you can imagine, it can be incredibly demoralizing.


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