BIG PHARMA: 7 Drugs Whose Dangerous Risks Emerged Only After Big Pharma Made Its Money

What I find really scary is these drugs are really popular and most people over 50 have taken one or more at some point. I myself suffer from a chronic clostridium difficile infection after taking Nexium.


Source –, By Martha Rosenberg

– Have you ever noticed how warnings about dangerous prescription drugs always seem to surface after the drug is no longer marketed and its patent has run out? Whether it’s an FDA advisory or a trial lawyer solicitation about harm that may have been done to you, the warnings are always belated and useless. If a drug you took four years ago may have given you liver damage, why didn’t the FDA tell you then? Why didn’t the FDA recall the drug or better yet, not approve it in the first place?

The official answer from the FDA and Big Pharma is that problems with a drug are only seen after millions begin using it, which is why post-marketing surveillance is conducted. In other words—who knew? But in a startling number of cases revealed in court documents Pharma did “know” and clearly misled medical…

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12 thoughts on “BIG PHARMA: 7 Drugs Whose Dangerous Risks Emerged Only After Big Pharma Made Its Money

  1. Thank you for discussing this!
    Another health alert opportunity; also for postmenopausal women sufferers, such as my spouse.
    I wish all women are aware of the risks accepting prescriptions (and this class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors) such as Nexium.
    Please contact legal:
    “Jun 16, 2015 … According to the terms of the Nexium class action lawsuit, $24 million will be put into a fund by Teva.”



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  3. “Have you ever noticed how warnings about dangerous prescription drugs always seem to surface after the drug is no longer marketed and its patent has run out?”

    A slightly different take – while not taking issue with the post’s interpretation — on why this might be:

    We note that Big Pharma gets its money’s worth for the time that the patent of the medication is in effect. Then the patent expires and all of a sudden the medication, designed to treat a specific range of ailments or symptoms, manifests side effects so serious that the medication, whether as a name or generic brand, should be avoided or even banned. But, hey, that’s okay because Big Pharma now produces a new substitute, a better and improved version for roughly the same set of ailments or symptoms, for which it now also holds the next generation patent that also happens to guarantee, once again, that it will get its money’s worth on the same range of ailments and symptoms.

    Do you remember Freon, the “heavier than air inert gas” – let me repeat that, the “heavier than air inert gas,” heavier by a factor of roughly 4 — that was claimed, without any definitive scientific evidence, to degrade high altitude ozone?

    Dupont’s patent was coincidentally running out just as the ‘scientific community’ was also coincidentally noticing something odd about high altitude ozone, which they had always had their eye on out of a mere coincidental scientific curiosity, and the push was suddenly on to ban what had until then been the source of healthy profits, thereby forcing the chemical giants to develop new refrigerants on which new patents would guarantee yet another round of patent protected profits.

    So, yeah, funny how that happens . . .

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  4. I often have wondered about the problems with prescription drugs nowadays. Seems that there used to be prescription drugs with little or no ill effects except that you may get fried and probably should not drive a vehicle, but the drugs did not cause cancer, did not cause organ failure, heart attacks, or kill you.

    They get rid of Valium and now give psychotrophic drugs and/or seratonin drugs, that mentally screw you up. The other drugs they give you now, will cause you to kill yourself, kill others, or both. The drugs that are supposed to make well, make you more ill, and never heals anything.


    • Though I’m not sure, I think the main reason most older drugs were safer is that they were derived from herbal treatments, ie digitalis comes from foxglove, atropine comes from nightshade. Most of the newer drugs – including valium – are synthetic.


      • Thanks for the response. Sometimes I wonder if other people consider issues such as this. I have a client whose father is dying from Alzheimers, yet there is said to be a cure, and if not cure, something that would allow him to enjoy life more than he does now. It appears that they (hospital) is intent on causing death, not curing, not making one enjoy their last days, nothing. They want the man to die.


  5. The FDA is most definitely complicit in this because I am quite sure that the FDA is well aware of the deadly side effects of the drugs that they approve.

    My endocrinologist(I suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) tried to push Metformin on me even though I am NOT diabetic. She was citing a history of diabetes in my family. I told her flat out, “NO!” I was NOT going to take a drug that I did not need. She stopped even checking me for diabetes afterwards and my primary care doctor keeps an eye on my A1C levels and blood glucose. Even our doctors are in on the ‘conspiracy’. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to go to bat for patients that are being fucked up by their doctors. I’ve even gotten nurses fired and entire departments cleared out over this.

    If I know about it, I do something about it. I sincerely wish that there were millions of me because I am not standing for this nonsense!

    Thank you for posting this one Dr. Bramhall!


    • Keep up the good work, Shelby. My own GP recently tried to pressure me to take blood pressure medication (my blood pressure is 110/70) due to a high creatinine clearance calculation on my blood tests. I weigh 50 kg and the calculation was for a 70 kg man. When I pointed this out and asked if the value could be recalculated based on 50 kg, she said this was impossible because it’s automated.

      I really find it pretty appalling how much difficulty seniors have getting good care. Recently I’ve started going to medical appointments with several of my friends just to make sure their problems are getting heard. A lot of us are getting the attitude from the medical system -“you’ve lived long enough now so you can just push off.”

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