Rebel Girls: 95 amazing Photos of Feminists Around the World

Feminist women in action.

The Free

Profile photo of Carmenby Carmen  at autostraddle with thanks

Header by Rory Midhani

Header by Rory Midhani

Feminism is alive and well, my friends. And I’ve got 95 photos from across the planet to prove it.

(Click on them to find the source articles about the protests and movements pictured!)

Including an image of a protest or images from a specific region doesn’t indicate any sort of endorsement of that region or movement’s politics — this is just about showcasing that the fight for women’s rights and gender equality is raging on around the world.

Africa     Cameroon

Girls play clapping game during a weekly education session about breast ironing and rape by survivor of breast ironing Ndjessa at Ndjessa's family home in Douala

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9 thoughts on “Rebel Girls: 95 amazing Photos of Feminists Around the World

    • I agree. Let the grandmothers take over neighborhoods. They would sort the gangs out a hell of a lot faster than the police.

      I’ve always been intrigued by Leonard Cohen’s attitude towards matriarchy: “I wish the women would hurry up and take over. It’s going to happen so let’s get it over with. Then we can finally recognize that women really are the minds and the force that holds everything together; and men really are gossips and artists. Then we could get about our childish work and they could keep the world going. I really am for the matriarchy.”

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  1. It’s important to click on the link: Palestine
    …because it’s the Zionist occupiers that are causing the unjust situation for women in Palestine.
    Very good that the link pointed that out.


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