Senior Russian Lawmaker Seeks Ban on Windows 10 in State Agencies*

Russians seek to ban Windows 10 – the software that spies on you – from all government agencies, state-owned corporations and state-sponsored scientific and research institutions. They, unlike many Americans, read the service agreement before they tick the box.

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Senior Russian Lawmaker Seeks Ban on Windows 10 in State Agencies*

The State Duma’s vice speaker has asked the Russian government to ban the use of the Windows 10 OS among Russian civil servants over fears the American software may give access to classified information and Russian officials’ personal data.

In his letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, MP Nikolai Levichev of the center-left Fair Russia party said the service agreement signed by any Windows 10 users allows Microsoft to access all passwords, password prompts and other information used for data protection. The US corporation also receives other types of data, from users’ contacts, their emails and even location.

Microsoft warns that the received information will be stored and processed in the United States or any other country for an indefinite period of time and transferred to US state agencies.

Levichev has therefore asked Medvedev to consider a complete…

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11 thoughts on “Senior Russian Lawmaker Seeks Ban on Windows 10 in State Agencies*

    • It’s a pity more Americans aren’t aware of the alternatives. The next time I get a “new” computer (I get them 2nd hand from the corner computer shop for $350), I’m going to insist the technician remove Windows and install Ubuntu (Linux) instead. Besides not spying on you, the latter has lots fewer security flaws than windows because the code that runs it is open to public knowledge and scrutiny.

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  1. This comes on the heels of Russia throwing US NGOs out of the country, the organizations which are US agencies funded by taxpayers via the US State Dept, designed to overthrow foreign governments as in Ukraine recently and other countries previously.


    • I often wonder why it took Putin so long to throw them out. The US activist community has been well aware of the CIA links of USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for over 20 years.


  2. I would be surprised if Russian government use any MS software, Chinese stopped years ago. I like 10 as it now has spell check on your sight. I downloaded a 2 weak trial of vires checker WEBROOT and click on your sight and they said not to go there as its infected. I click on anyway and have not had any warning since. My wife has very small business helping Thai ladies use online dating and I attempt to help her with security check of men’s e-mail addresses and phone No. Its interesting how mail and even phone no. are routed and no. of scammer’s out there .


  3. A friend who is a highly paid tech-weeny told me, the other day, that the internet is one of the greatest evils ever perpetrated on humanity. And this is how he makes a living.

    I am bombarded every day with “We recommend Windows 10.” I’m lucky, I have no money, so they are shit out of luck!


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