The Triumph of Profit Over Health



Directed by Jeff Hays

Film Review

Bought is a new release film that can be viewed free online – but only until Aug 29. Go to

Bought is a well-made scientifically based documentary about the role of Food Inc and Big Pharma in the rise of chronically debilitating illnesses. Specially it demonstrates how the mindless pursuit of profit has corrupted both scientific research and regulatory bodies charged with protecting our health and safety.

Most of the film focuses on the vaccine industry. It begins by profiling children who have developed autism, intellectual handicap and/or seizures as a direct result of childhood vaccination. Because federal legislation grants manufacturers and doctors blanket immunity from liability, children with disabling vaccine complications are compensated by a federal vaccine compensation panel. One of the families interviewed received a $7 million settlement for the lifetime medical and custodial costs for their severely disabled child.

The filmmakers also interview numerous doctors, researchers, whistleblowers and lawyers who challenge medical and government claims that vaccines are perfectly safe for everyone. As one lawyer points out, vaccines, like prescription drugs, are classified as “unavoidably unsafe.” It’s for this reason Congress has granted vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity for debilitating conditions that can arise from vaccination.

The film considerably heightens my personal concerns that the administration of multiple vaccines has been incorporated into well child care despite the dearth of research into their long term safety or efficacy. The current trend (in New York City, California and other jurisdictions) to make vaccination compulsory is a particularly alarming human rights violation. Especially in view of multiple studies linking vaccination to the growing incidence of autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions.

The New York City law is so strict that children can’t be exempted from mandatory vaccination even when a sibling – or the children themselves – have had a prior debilitating reaction to a vaccine.

The film also focuses on the link between GMOs and children’s health problems, particularly allergies. It’s largely thanks to dedicated grassroots organizing by Moms Across America that there is any public awareness that nearly all non-organic potatoes, sugar beets, soy, corn and vegetable oil produced in the US – and all livestock who consume these products – contain genetically engineered ingredients..

According to a recent survey, 91% of Americans support mandatory labeling of GMO containing foods – only 4% oppose it.

11 thoughts on “The Triumph of Profit Over Health

    • Very interesting. They allow us to order generic Indian meds here in New Zealand, but in most cases they are seized by Customs and can only be released if we get a prescription from our GP. Some GP’s are more willing than others to do this.


  1. I did not watch the film yet. I think I should to get to know what sort of vaccinations they are talking about. I for instance never ask for a flu injection. Maybe if I were in a nursing home it would already be compulsory to have it.
    I always thought that vaccinations against poliomyelitis are a blessing!


    • According to the Centers for Disease Control, the flu vaccine is only 9% effective in people over 65. Given that flue vaccines contain both mercury and formaldehyde – which are both highly toxic to human beings – the pressure for senior citizens to get a vaccine that has a 91% chance of not working makes no sense health wise. I agree with the filmmakers’ belief that this pressure most likely comes from manufacturers and their desire to make a profit.


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  3. I agree that the vaccine problem is huge, but what is also huge is the cancer epidemic here in America. I am now afraid to ask about anyone that I have not seen for awhile because when I ask about them, I am told that he/she is dying of cancer and that there is no hope. Cancer, as far as I know, was not as prevalent eons ago like it is now. There is a direct correlation between what we are fed and what we drink and the increase in cancer deaths. It is also not a good idea to believe that our doctors would do us no harm despite the oath they supposedly took, to do us no harm. Money is the root of all evil and people can be easily bought and they are. I could not live with myself knowing that I am contributing to the untold agonies that people are suffering thanks in part to the part that I play in all of this.

    Once again, I thank you for trying to inform us Dr. Bramhall, of just what we are up against! Bless your heart!


    • You are absolutely right, Shelby. Both cancer and heart attacks were virtually unknown before the 1900s. There is a direct correlation here with the advent of hydrogenated vegetable oils and the advent of the high carbohydrate diet, though I also worry about the hundred plus toxic chemicals we all have circulating in our blood. Many derive from pesticide/herbicide spraying and industrial discharges, but in many cases we are poisoning ourselves due to all the chemicals in household and beauty products.

      I really like the filmmakers’ emphasis that both food production and health care (and the federal agencies that regulate them) have been corporatized, ie taken over by for-profit corporations that only care about their bottom line and nothing about our health and welfare.

      I hate to say this, but to a large extent they have also corporatized doctors who should know better.


      • After years of fundraising for conditions and diseases by the likes of Jerry Lewis Telethon, American Cancer Society and so on, rarely mentioned is the radiation which was released into the environment from hundreds of nuclear tests, and on March 11, 2011 at Fukushima, three core meltdowns releasing radiation from 3/11/11 to this day – dangerous radioactive elements lasting up to a gazillion years…


        • Good point, Jerry. Back in the 1980s during the Nuclear Freeze campaign, I rang up and asked the Cancer Society and the March of Dimes if they were willing to prevent cancer and birth defects by going public with the dangers of nuclear radiation. They said no, obviously, and I told them not to bother me any more.


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