TPPA Walk Away Protest 15 Aug, 2015

An estimated 25,000 marched on Saturday to block New Zealand’s participation in the secret Transpacific Partnership Agreement (aka TPP or TPPA). Kiwis are really sick of being dictated to by the United States

Three hundred people marched in New Plymouth, the largest protest since I’ve lived here.

TPPA national

michael rileyTPPA speaker

For more information read Taranaki Daily News

13 thoughts on “TPPA Walk Away Protest 15 Aug, 2015

  1. Too bad The Donald couldn’t make it. –from the news:
    [Trump] blasts politicians for being “stupid” to let Mexico and China take away factories and jobs. That is a clear anti free-trade agreement message and he even dusted off H. Ross Perot’s 1992 metaphor of NAFTA’s loud sucking sound (watch) of jobs leaving the country. Progressives and conservatives can be united to defeat the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). …
    When it comes to the economy, the issue that Trump keeps coming back to is re-industrializing the U.S. He calls it rebuilding America and the American Dream. That is what he is talking about when he says repeatedly that he would stop Ford from building a $2.5 billion automobile factory in Mexico instead of in the U.S. The way he says he would stop Ford cold is by threatening Ford with a 35% tariff on imported autos and parts coming into the U.S. from the proposed Mexican plant. Trump says that he would renegotiate U.S. trade agreements and he has slammed the Trans Pacific Partnership.
    Trump called U.S. politicians stupid for allowing the outsourcing of U.S. factories and jobs to China. In his no nonsense style, the way he put it is that the U.S. gave China everything plus now we owe them $1.5 trillion dollars in accumulated debt. He ridiculed policy makers as incompetent for allowing that to happen. Trump shines for the crowd when he brags about being a rich businessman that knows how to be a tough and a smart negotiator. He says he will use those talents for the benefit of the American people.


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