Separatist Movement in West Ukraine: Lviv Activists Are Demanding Autonomy for Galicia

The movement for autonomy in western Ukraine has barely been reported by the Western media – which likes to blame the separatist movement in eastern Ukraine on Russian military aggression. Separatists in Galicia in western Ukraine are also rejecting the US-sponsored fascist coup in Kiev and demanding autonomy.

Counter Information

Global Research, August 10, 2015
Source: 11 July 2015


The movement for autonomy in West Ukraine has barely been reported by the Western media. Below is a report translated from Russian, which suggests that the movement for regional autonomy is by no means limited to Donbass. The Galicia protest is firmly opposed to the Kiev regime and its Neo-Nazi collaborators. What is unfolding is a process of political fracturing of Ukraine as a nation state. (M. Ch. GR ed) 

Pravyi Sektor tried to intervene, but despite the protests of the Pravyi Sektor Lviv chapter, about three hundred activists from various social organizations came out today with demands for real autonomy for the Lviv region. The rally of the supporters of Galician autonomy began at 16:30 in front of the Lviv Regional State Administration. The protesters blocked traffic on Vinnichenko street. Participants at the rally…

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2 thoughts on “Separatist Movement in West Ukraine: Lviv Activists Are Demanding Autonomy for Galicia

  1. Wouldn’t it be something if this Galicia movement were to be backed by Poland, which has a piece of Galicia and once occupied all of it for a couple hundred years. Poroshenko is sure to stamp it out.

    Meanwhile the US puppet Poroshenko seems to be readying a military offensive in the east against Donetsk, with the Minsk political settlement negotiated by Germany and Russia not being in accord with US policy which includes continued instability and the continued demonization of Russia.

    A proper model for Ukraine would be that of the other Galicia, the province in northwest Spain with a language (Gallego) more akin to Portugese than to Castillian, where the people enjoy limited autonomy.


    • Meanwhile thousands of Kiev residents are protesting Poroshenko’s utility price hikes and austerity measures. I think Obama’s ambitions in Ukraine will be extremely hard to implement without creating a no-fly zone or introducing NATO troops.


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