Obama Brags He’s Bombed 7 Countries

Unprovoked military aggression against other countries is a war crime under the UN charter and the Geneva conventions. Obama brags about it.

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To Defend Iran Deal, Obama Boasts That He’s Bombed Seven Countries

As commander-in-chief, I have not shied away from using force when necessary (like helping Libyan Jihadists linked to Al Qaeda?). I have ordered tens of thousands of young Americans into combat. …

I’ve ordered military action in seven countries.
-U.S. President Barack Obama

This used to be known as war crimes, belligerence, Nuremberg violations, Crimes Against the Peace, a breach of the UN Charter. It’s why the Nazis got a bad reputation. It was the invading and destroying other countries that started World War 2, and that is why war was outlawed after it, at the Nuremberg Tribunals. Those responsible for initiating wars of aggression were HANGED.

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15 thoughts on “Obama Brags He’s Bombed 7 Countries

  1. Hey, Doc, it’s a guy thing. My bombings are bigger than yours.
    But not content with the testosterone drug affliction meme, Obama plays it both ways, recently claiming he was against the Iraq war when actually as a senator he voted for every war appropriation.
    Obama on Iraq: U.S. Senate Record
    Upon arriving in the Senate, Sen. Obama supported every funding bill for Iraq, some $300 billion….until he started running for President. [2005 Vote # 117, HR1268, 5/10/05; 2005 Vote # 326, S1042, 11/15/05; 2006 Vote # 112, HR4939, 5/4/06; 2006 Vote # 239; 2006 Vote # 186, S2766, 6/22/06; HR5631, 9/7/06].
    Obama’s latest warmongering, besides about bragging about US aggression, is related to the fake Iran crisis, and goes beyond “all options on the table.”
    “Because more sanctions won’t produce the results that the critics want,” Obama said, “congressional rejection of this deal leaves any U.S. administration only one option: another war in the Middle East. I say this not to be provocative. I’m stating a fact.”
    The helpless Obama would have no choice to war.
    In fact, the treaty is a portal to an Iran war promoted by “the world community” — i.e. the U.S.
    Josh Earnest, Obama’s flack:
    “The military option would remain on the table, but the fact is, that military option would be enhanced because we’d been spending the intervening number of years gathering significantly more detail about Iran’s nuclear program. So when it comes to the targeting decisions that would be made by military officials either in Israel or the United States, those targeting decisions would be significantly informed, and our capabilities improved, based on the knowledge that has been gained in the intervening years through this inspections regime.”

    Good and honest people, in the forties, worked hard on the UN Charter which is the law of the land in every country. But the US prides itself in breaking the law, and nobody in the MSM dares say that the emperor has no clothes.


  2. Obama, a symptom of a 230 year old disease. The U.S. Corporation is finally being honest and revealing its true totalitarian nature!

    And the world (not the UN, since it is owned and operated by the same powers that control the Obama and NATO), needs to stand up and put an end to this monster called Merica!


    • I believe that much of the world IS standing up to the US, in many ways. The US claims that the world needs US leadership, but how many national leaders have ever said: “Our country needs US leadership or we can’t function.” None. It’s been quite the opposite in fact with new alliances coupled with the news of US failures at home and abroad spanning the globe at lightning speed to arrive at everyone’s electronic device. For every kow-towing Australia there are a dozen stalwart New Zealands, and for every UK there is a world full of Irans — which by the way leads the 125-nation Non-Aligned Movement. (The US media paints a different picture, of course, but that picture is a lie.) So there will not be an end to the US, but a further weakening of its influence. Even its war-making is threatened by the non-interest of US Millennials, who (on average) have no interest in it (besides many of them being too fat to serve — therefore the push for females in combat) .

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      • I hope you are right, and I do see the signs you are pointing to. I pay no heed to the elite owned msm, by the way.

        The problem is, most folks, including me sometimes, as my comment reveals, seem to be too focused on the US government as though it is in control of what it perpetrates. It is not. The elite power behind the scenes is the problem. And the elite control more than just the US, UK and the other NATO nations. The elite have their hands all over China and the BRICS nations as well.

        I need to be more specific in my commenting.

        I agree, the young are turning their backs on the military and waging war on the weak. In fact, the young, as far as I can tell, seem to be rejecting much of what has kept most Mericans enslaved to this system. It is in these young people, where my hope resides.

        The fat issues in Merica are more of a problem in my gen, the baby-boomers, and the x and y gens. The millennials I see and know seem to be more concerned about their health, at least as far as what they eat and maintaining a healthy weight. Many of the most overweight are the poor, because they have been conditioned to eat the cheaper, less healthy foods. What better way to depopulate the world of “the undesirables?”

        But surprisingly, the major fast food chains, including McDonalds, have been taking a hit over the past few years. So maybe folks are starting to wake up?


  3. Good point about the role of corporations in our so-called democratic government. I’m afraid any change that occurs must come from inside the belly of the beast, led by the American people. They haven’t quite reached critical mass yet, but the movement is growing.


    • I would differentiate standing up for national interests and standing up to international corporations. Politicians can be encouraged to do the former but never the latter and John Key (unlike many non-politician Kiwis) is no exception. The TPPA, like other “free trade” treaties, would be a gift to the corporations which would gain even more sovereignty than they already enjoy.
      Regarding domestic affairs, the US was formed to preserve the interests of white male property owners and it will be ever thus, unfortunately. The American people have little say in the matter. A democracy it isn’t.


  4. @sojourner

    Thanks for your honesty, and your correct “I pay no heed to the elite owned msm.” Not meaning to be presumptuous, I would (if you — or other readers — haven’t discovered him) recommend an author who has helped me, because I largely agree with him and his words reinforce my natural thoughts. That is Henry David Thoreau in Walden, and here a bit from his Civil Disobedience which indicates that the thoughts that we keep in our heads are more important than the government’s propaganda..quote:

    It is not a man’s duty, as a matter of course, to devote himself to the eradication of any, even to most enormous, wrong; he may still properly have other concerns to engage him; but it is his duty, at least, to wash his hands of it, and, if he gives it no thought longer, not to give it practically his support. If I devote myself to other pursuits and contemplations, I must first see, at least, that I do not pursue them sitting upon another man’s shoulders. I must get off him first, that he may pursue his contemplations too.

    Thus the state never intentionally confronts a man’s sense, intellectual or moral, but only his body, his senses. It is not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength. I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.

    However, the government does not concern me much, and I shall bestow the fewest possible thoughts on it. It is not many moments that I live under a government, even in this world. If a man is thought-free, fancy-free, imagination-free, that which is not never for a long time appearing to be to him, unwise rulers or reformers cannot fatally interrupt him.

    I came into this world, not chiefly to make this a good place to live in, but to live in it, be it good or bad. A man has not everything to do, but something; and because he cannot do everything, it is not necessary that he should be petitioning the Governor or the Legislature any more than it is theirs to petition me; and if they should not hear my petition, what should I do then?


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