Obama Sells Out Human Health and the Environment By Making Nuclear Energy a Centerpiece of Climate Policy

The sleezeball has outdone himself by making nuclear energy a centerpiece of his climate policy. In the first place it’s not a low carbon source of energy – building a nuclear plant is incredibly carbon intensive. Nuclear plants are also extremely dangerous to human health (eg Fukushima) and we still have no solution for nuclear waste that remains radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.

Counter Information

Global Research, August 04, 2015
Washington’s Blog 3 August 2015

120231Obama has made nuclear energy a centerpiece of his climate push.

In reality, nuclear is NOT a low-carbon source of energy … and funding nuclear crowds out the development of better sources of alternative energy.

Mark Jacobson – the head of Stanford University’s Atmosphere and Energy Program, who has written numerous books and hundreds of scientific papers on climate and energy, and testified before Congress numerous times on those issues – notes that nuclear puts out much more pollution (including much more CO2) than windpower, and 1.5% of all the nuclear plants built have melted down.  Jacobson alsopoints out that it takes at least 11 years to permit and build a nuclear plant, whereas it takes less than half that time to fire up a wind or solar farm. Between the application for a nuclear plant…

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11 thoughts on “Obama Sells Out Human Health and the Environment By Making Nuclear Energy a Centerpiece of Climate Policy

  1. Peculiar that a Nation that refused to sign the Kyoto protocol, and outright rejected the idea that pollution could cause global warming, now wants to pretend it leads the World on environmental issues.

    How fitting that Mr. Obama would choose Nukes as a viable alternative 🙂


  2. “Obama has made nuclear energy a centerpiece of his climate push.”

    Would you care to reconsider?! It should read, “Obama’s elite owners and operators have made nuclear energy a centerpiece of their climate push.” Obama, like every stooge since JFK, does as he is told, or else. Barack is a figure-head, a frightened puppet, just like his predecessors.

    There is no climate or environmental policy, and there never has been, there is only what the elite minority want, how they want it and when they want it. If the elite psychopaths are willing to flirt with nuclear war, then why would anyone believe they give a damn about the climate, environment or any of us?

    The climate is in this current state not only because of fossil fuel usage but because of HAARP and chemtrails, etc. In fact, from what I have read, and am experiencing here in the US, climate geo-engineering is doing the most damage at the moment. For instance,


    Obama, congress, Wall Street, the Rothschild worldwide banking-cartel, Washington DC, the Vatican, the City of London, the CFR, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission etc, are all symptoms of the same virulent disease: the cabal, the elite powers that be or any other name one would choose to use for these creatures.

    I believe if we continue to look for political cures for all that ails us and this planet, then we are doomed.

    I guess I’m a little discouraged this morning. I live in Ohio, and the local media, as well as the herd-mentality all around me, are all abuzz about the first repub debate tonight. I had hoped that the majority of Merican beasts of burden, or close to it, would have become fed up with this four year farce and this twisted system of government by now, but I guess I was wrong.

    It may be time to give up!

    “Same as it ever was!”


    • You make a very good point about Obama being led around by the nose by the corporate elite.

      If the local media is making you depressed, I think the best thing is to switch it off. The whole idea of corporate media is to make you feel helpless and apathetic.

      I just read a great novel by E. L Doctorow who has just died. I’m sure you could find it in the library. It’s called Andrew’s Brain, and it’s about this cognitive scientist who turns out to have been a roommate of George W Bush at Yale. He spends about 3 weeks keeping Bush company in the oval office. Doctorow never mentions Bush by name but he captures his personality perfectly, as he does the personalities of Chaingang and Rumbum, who are really running the country. I haven’t read anything so funny in ages.

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      • Thank you, Dr Bramhall!

        Actually, I do not frequent the local or national media news programs, cable or network. But I check in to catch the weather every once in a while. And this morning, I just happened to tune in when they were going on about the debates.

        It’s some of the people I know, the people who are still asleep and willfully ignorant, that get me down sometimes. I also put through a bad night with my old buddy asthma, and so it was the perfect storm this morning.

        I’m not sorry for writing what I did here, but I do apologize for my aggressive, irritable tone.


  3. I know health problems make everything more difficult. Hopefully you will be able to find some solutions that improve your functioning that don’t cost too much. I, too, have good days and bad days.


  4. “Clean” electricity is made by burning West Virginia mountains. Coal is a primary cause of our little atmospheric carbon problem that is killing the earth (and all of us).

    I saw this “nukes will cure global warming” coming. Recently, my husband was considering a job in North Carolina. So I did some pro-active looking into that state’s energy use. Duke power is the energy honcho there. The southern states which Duke air-conditions with “clean” electricity are the biggest consumer of mountaintop removal coal in the world (not China).

    Duke also operates a LOT of nuclear power facilities in several southern states. This includes on a lake in Apex NC( a few miles from the job site). It runs the old power generator salvaged from the Three Mile Island disaster.

    Any how, Duke actively promotes and advertises nuclear power as the “clean” alternative to coal.

    What a thoughtful corporation, eh? Just watching out for us vulnerable humans, I suppose.

    Thanks for this post.



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