TPP Ministerial Deadlock.”Good News for People on the Planet”. Worldwide Opposition to Trade Deal

I was really proud of New Zealand standing up to the US during the trade negotiations in Hawaii. We have an extremely powerful agricultural lobby here. They were were present in Maui to hold our trade minister’s feet to the fire. The minister was told not to sign a deal unless the US, Canada and Japan agreed to open their markets to NZ dairy products (our number one export). The US, Canada and Japan refuse to budge on this issue (and reduce their farm subsidies), owing to their own farm lobby.

The president of the Canadian Dairy Farmers, Wally Smith, blamed New Zealand for the breakdown in the negotiations, accusing us of being “obstinate.”

You better believe it, Sunshine.

Counter Information

Global Research, August 02, 2015

tpp-400x321Friday’s fourth/dubbed “final” ministerial attempt to reach agreement failed. Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach called it a “Maui (Hawaii) meltdown.”

Congress went on five-week summer recess with lots of unfinished business awaiting members in September – notably the Iran nuclear deal and 12 annual spending bills.

Wallach expects no 2015 congressional action on TPP – especially with other nations disagreeing on key provisions still unresolved. She believes chances for agreement are reduced because of “opposition building in many countries.”

“It’s good news for people and the planet that no deal was done at this final do-or-die meeting given the TPP’s threats to jobs, wages, safe food, affordable medicines and more, she explained.

“Only the beleaguered negotiators and most of the 600 official US trade advisors representing corporate interests wanted this deal…” Polls show it’s unpopular in countries involved for good reason.

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10 thoughts on “TPP Ministerial Deadlock.”Good News for People on the Planet”. Worldwide Opposition to Trade Deal

  1. Many thanks for sharing this. This is a true story of discontented globalization. Big Countries still put trade barriers on import of agricultural products from small economy. This unfair if there is globalization and free trade. I have reviewed a book “Globalisation and its Discontents ” which is able to tell such unfair trade barriers story.


    • This sounds like a great book, Jesi. Thanks for alerting me to it. I have just finished a great book on the history of the Commons by Peter Linebaugh that helps me see this lopsided treaties in a whole new light. According to Linebaugh, the theft of the commons that started in the 13th century with various enclosure acts, is the essence of capitalism. This is what “development” is in other words, they steal more and more of our shit, declare it private property and try to sell it back to us.

      The book is called “Stop ThIef” and I’ll be posting a review later today.

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  2. “opposition building in many countries.”
    “TPP’s threats to jobs, wages, safe food, affordable medicines and more”

    What country would want a ‘partnership’ with all these threats? I wonder whether there is a chance that US trade advisors representing corporate interests can be convinced to stop negotiating about such deals in future.


    • I think there are all kinds of veiled threats against countries that don’t participate in these treaties – John Perkins talked about them in “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.” The first step is to send in CIA-funded foundations to destabilize your elections. Don’t forget the coup the CIA and British intelligence launched against Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam when he refused to play ball.

      Australia, by the way, deserves major kudos for rejecting stipulations in the TPPA extending drug patents from 5 to 12 years. The Australian national health service is under threat, just as ours is, as this will significantly decrease the availability of low cost generic drugs.


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