Mark Kennedy: the spycop who disappeared into the cold


Update on undercover cop Mark Kennedy. (See review of documentary Confessions of an Undercover Cop)


One of the many Spycops being investigated by the Pitchford Inquiry is Mark Kennedy, whose undercover exploits not only covered England & Wales (the geographic area restricted to the Inquiry) but Scotland and parts of Europe. Below we include, for the Inquiry’s benefit, an internal German Government report on Kennedy, as well as via a number of sources his extensive ‘CV’. There is now compelling evidence that the Inquiry should examine the activities of British undercover police outside of England & Wales (Kennedy was not the only spycop who worked across Europe – see below) .

“If Kennedy’s toll is taken as an average, the officers of the Special Demonstration Squad and National Public Order Intelligence Unit have caused around 8,000 miscarriages of justice. Even if we are conservative and presume there was just one per officer per year, the total is around 600. This may well be the biggest…

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3 thoughts on “Mark Kennedy: the spycop who disappeared into the cold

  1. I’m interested in method’s the police use to entrap young Muslims into false flag situations and i see Kennedy was not just an observer, but an agent provocateur. Researching the Pitchford Inquiry I see its roots started with story of how corruption tainted the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and they expect inquiry to go on for next 3 years I would not hold my breath to get any justice from any inquiry into police tactics any wares.


  2. I think you’re probably right – the Channel 4 documentary purposely omitted any role Kennedy played as agent provocateur.

    Here in New Zealand, there isn’t a whole lot of money to pay for police spying, so NSA funds at least one position to make it easier for the government to spy on people.


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