REALPOLITIK: The Secret Projects of Israël and Saudi Arabia – By Thierry Meyssan


French investigative journalist Thierry Meyssan reports that for the last 17 months Israel has been engaged in secret negotiations with Saudi Arabia. Extremely high-level delegations have met five times – in India, Italy and the Czech Republic. It’s all part of a US plan to create a “Common Arab Defense Force,”  under the auspices of the Arab League, but under Israeli command. This “Force” is already in operation in Yemen, where Israeli pilots fly Saudi bombers within the framework of an Arab Coalition whose headquarters have been installed by the Israelis in Somaliland.

Talk about strange bedfellows. No wonder Obama and Netanyahu want to keep this secret.


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– The reponse by Tel-Aviv and Riyadh to the US-Iran negotiations can be found in the extension of Saudi financing of the war against Gaza in 2008 – the alliance between a colonial state and an obscurantist monarchy. While the Near East is preparing for a ten-year change in the rules of the game, Thierry Meyssan reveals here the contents of the secret negotiations between Tel-Aviv and Riyadh.

No-one in the Middle East seems to be aware that the secret agreements which should be signed on the 30th June 2015 by Washington and Teheran – on the fringe of the multilateral agreements concerning nuclear power – will probably set the rules of the game for the next ten years.

These agreements arrive at a moment when the United States have become the world’s first producers of petrol, ahead of Saudi Arabia and Russia. Consequently they do not…

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10 thoughts on “REALPOLITIK: The Secret Projects of Israël and Saudi Arabia – By Thierry Meyssan

    • A catchy tune with a whole lot more relevance to me now than when I first heard it. Admittedly, though, my age was then reckoned in the mid single digits. I hope I’m not by this admission giving away too much information.

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      • I know that Marx had much to say about the Paris Commune, but I did not know he was directly involved in any way. His participation, if we can call it that, was from afar, I believe. (see, for example, this text: But I may be completely wrong and would certainly be learning something new about Marx if he had indeed been personally involved in that insurrection.

        However that might have been, I find the hypothesis itself implausible, that is, that if Marx thought he could identify undercover operatives by their writing styles, he was probably deluded. Unless, of course, all the operatives had gone to the same school of ‘operatives,’ and a very distinct style of writing was both on the curriculum and needed to be mastered before one was ever commissioned to the field.

        On the other hand, I think style is a very difficult thing to emulate and for ‘one style’ to manifest across even a small number of different personalities is unlikely. I may be wrong, however.


  1. But . . .but . . . I thought . . . the Arabs . . . wanted to. . .wipe Israel. . . off the map, that all 800 million or so Arabs want to take up the issue where Hitler left off? Something about Obama leading Israel to the gas chambers? Oh, I’m mixing it all up. Those would be Persians . . . but Muslims, too, like the rest of ‘them’ . . .

    Jeez. There are so many different kinds of Jews and Muslims and so much overlap and so many divergences. It’s hard to keep track.

    Fortunately, however, there appears to be only one international ‘market’ oriented ruling class to help us make sense of it all. Although even among them, there are some serious rivalries.

    What is unfortunate about the latter, however, is the manner in which the multiplicity of ethnic, religious and national identities the world over leave the rest of us vulnerable to the machinations of this ruling clique and therefore naively complicit in our own subjugation and destruction.

    Maybe one day ‘we’ will get it. Until then . . . the situation will remain both ugly and tragic.

    So, “strange bedfellows?” It depends from whose viewpoint you eye the alliances. But of course I’m not saying anything we didn’t already know. Although Meyssan’s piece, if widely read, would be a revelation to the many.


    • I find it really remarkable that these so-called ethnic divides are used so commonly to explain and justify US military aggression and proxy wars. The Clinton used ethnic hatred – that didn’t really exist until the State Dept, CIA and IMF created it – to justify going to war against Yugoslavia.


      • I think that people do self-identify (or can be taught or propagandized to self-identify) in ethnic, religious, and national terms, and to the degree that they do, they are vulnerable to the illusion that ‘one group or another’ may have it in for them.

        The tactic of perpetrating acts of terror — i.e., of false flag operations — under the guise of this or that ‘group’ to inflame divisions between ‘people who self-identify in ethnic, religious, political or national terms’ would not be effective if ‘group identities’ neither existed nor could be inculcated.

        To my mind, racism and bigotry are real phenomena, albeit grounded in ‘fictions.’

        Or are we to take the position that the time honored tactic of ‘dividing and conquering’ is the product of delusional ‘conspiracy theorists?’

        I grew up with and still live among people who are bigots and racists, and who in the current context of social stability, tolerate in the most civil of fashion ‘others’ they fancy as being fundamentally ‘other’ than themselves. I don’t think it too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that they could easily be duped into believing that this or that out-group might be an existential threat to them as members of what they fancy is their in-group.

        Where I grew up, in an other ‘time,’ so to speak, many francophones saw themselves as first and foremost French, and likewise many anglophones saw themselves as first and foremost English, and didn’t I have to use my fists on more than just a few occasions for no other reason than that I was French and deserving of the utmost contempt and gratuitous violence?

        Doesn’t this sort of thing also in part explain why 9/11 managed to garner what is arguably popular support for the war on terror?

        Racism and bigotry may not be fundamental in terms of ’cause,’ but they are levers that the power elite have long known how to exploit and turn against the majority. If they do not actually ‘explain’ the basis of wars, they do so in the minds of many who on this conviction readily murder and sacrifice themselves for purposes of which they know nothing.


  2. After 32 years of working with children, I have come to the conclusion that racism and bigotry aren’t innate – they are learned. Children aren’t born racists and bigots. And given that the ruling elite has nearly total control over public education and information, I think we have to assume they play a fundamental role in shaping these belief systems.

    Reich raises some interesting links between state indoctrination and family values in his 1933 Mass Psychology of Fascism.


    • I entirely agree. Bigotry, racism or intolerance is 100% cultural artifact, that is, it is learned. The problem is that we live in a world where the ‘cultural virus’ of ‘us and them’ thinking, of tribal thinking, permeates the world although this, too, needs to be qualified: not all ‘types’ of currently existing ‘group identities’ are of the racist or bigoted kind. Today, the state most probably is the single most important source of this kind of indoctrination. That is mere speculation on my part, but I suspect it would find some traction in ‘fact.’


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