REBEL YELL: Syriza “Rebels” Planned To Ransack Greek Mint, Seize Cash Reserves, Arrest Central Bank Governor

Interesting that EU officials are still predicting Greece will exit the euro – most likely through insurrection.


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– Earlier this week, in an FT op-ed, Eurointelligence’s Wolfgang Münchau said that in his estimation, an EMU exit remains the most likely outcome for Greece. The reason, Münchau explained, is that “[Greek PM Alexis] Tsipras ended up with another very lousy bailout deal. And this one suffers from the same fundamental flaws as its predecessors.” Münchau went on to describe, in vivid detail, how he believes a Grexit would unfold:

My own most likely Grexit scenario is a different one yet again. Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, hinted at this in his interview with the Financial Times last week when he said that he felt “something revolutionary” in the air. He is on to something. The most probable scenario for me is Grexit through insurrection.

Whether he knew it when he penned those words or not, Münchau’s vision for Greece nearly unfolded…

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4 thoughts on “REBEL YELL: Syriza “Rebels” Planned To Ransack Greek Mint, Seize Cash Reserves, Arrest Central Bank Governor

  1. Hopefully, Greece may avoid a civil war – the risk still stands I think. So much corruption, so much bitterness, so much resentment, so much mismanagement…while the ordinary citizens goes hungry and poor…a picture likely to be replicated fully elsewhere in not too distant future…


  2. Thank you for your comment, inavukic. I think you’re right. Many countries are at risk right now. According to one commentator I heard last night, Syriza’s acceptance of the brutal austerity conditions may have been bad for the Greek people but possibly forestalled civil war in Spain and Portugal.


    • Most importantly the “True” face of the “EURO” currency scheme is revealed as a true tyranny form of governance – attempting to reform it from within is futile.
      That will be a “bitter” truth for many people to face.

      Each event leads to the world’s mass awakening…


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