US Sex Trafficking of Underage Girls

Selling the Girl Next Door

CNN (2015)

Film Review

Selling the Girl Next Door is about sex trafficking of American underage girls, a business which has moved off the street and onto the Internet. The sex services of girls as young as eleven are being advertised in the Adult Services section of They were being sold on Craig’s List until CNN journalist Amber Lyon confronted owner Craig Newmark as part of her investigation.

Obviously no online marketplace is going to accept an ad for prostitution. The girls are listed as “escorts,” with revealing photos and coded language (eg “young,” “fresh,” “innocent”) to indicate they’re underage.

When you look at the millions of dollars the federal government spent on shutting down Silk Road for selling recreational drugs (see Was Silk Road Founder Framed?), it’s ironic – and frankly sickening – that they continue to allow sites like to traffic in underage girls.

Lyon interviews Las Vegas girls convicted for underage prostitution in Clark County juvenile detention center, as well as men who have used their services and judges, lawyers and probation officers who work with them. She also profiles one particular thirteen-year-old, interviewing her mom and going to court with her.

Blaming the Victim

The pimps who run underage girls are always on the lookout for runaways. They use the promise of affection to lure them in and violence to keep them as virtual sex slaves. In most US cities, underage girls arrested for prostitution are locked up in juvenile prisons. City and county authorities claim they have no other way to keep them off the street.

One Las Vegas judge is fronting an initiative to build a safe house for underage victims of sex trafficking as an alternative to prison. He’s being blocked by county authorities – they refuse to cough up $700,000 for probation officers to run it. Federal funding appropriated to combat sex trafficking, only goes to help foreign victims.

In the course of the CNN investigation, the threat of unwanted publicity led Newmark to shut down the Adult Services section of Craig’s List., the second most popular online marketplace, immediately saw their income spike by billions of dollars. They’re owned by Village Voice Media, who refused to be interviewed by CNN.

15 thoughts on “US Sex Trafficking of Underage Girls

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  2. Those in power who are complicit in this must be removed. This spreads world wide,many federal child protective services are in on its.time to save these children now. My info says many very big corporations are involved and very prominate politicians.


  3. I’m just reading Professor Howard Zinn’s ‘A People’s History of the United States.’ Seems whoever’s in power, the people always get screwed, metaphorically or literally. This piece could make Chapter 26 in Zinn’s book.


  4. You might know the government would stand in the way of anything that doesn’t feed this gestapo-like, corporate prison-system. How in the hell can a kidnapped and sexually used and abused teenager ever be found guilty of “prostitution” and incarcerated? This decent judge is fighting a battle he will never win.

    I’m posting an article, tomorrow, that speaks of “the illusion of law and order.” And that is what “law and order” is, an illusion, as well as a corporate money-making scam!

    On the issue of pimps, this is something I have raged on and written about before. Pedophiles, for the most part, are sick, twisted individuals, while pimps are business “men”. And yet pimps are almost never tried and convicted for their sex crimes, since their business is that of the government: importing and trafficking drugs. Getting a child addicted to crack or heroin, and then turning that child out on the street to “do tricks,” is as much a “sex crime” as any pedophile molestation case. And let us not forget that pimps always sample the product before turning her/him loose on the streets!

    I am a musician, and I have seen what goes on around this country, in the corners, in the back, unlike most actively involved in this issue. And it is a sordid, convoluted mess, an atrocity and tragedy!

    The death of an empire, and this is just another telltale sign!

    And then let us also consider the Zionists and the European royal families involvement in such activities:


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