A Classic Case of Greenwashing

Silence of the Pandas

Wilfred Huisman (2011)

Film Review

Greenwashing (def) – a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.

Silence of the Pandas is about the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – the world’s largest conservation organization – and their open collaboration with Monsanto, palm oil manufacturers and other multinational corporations that are systematically destroying wildlife habit.

WWF solicits millions in donations every year based on the image it projects of protecting endangered animals, such as the panda and the tiger. In reality, the WWF, under the leadership of the British royal family and other members of the British aristocracy, forms lucrative “partnerships” with corporations seeking to greenwash their image.

Through these toxic partnerships, WWF is facilitating, rather than preventing, the destruction of rainforests and wildlife habitat. It also actively promotes the removal of indigenous populations (in India, Indonesia, South America and Papua New Guinea) from their rainforest habitat. As an example, WWF has collaborated with the Indian government to displace one million Adabzi from their tribal homelands to expand a WWF ecotourism venture. The habitat destruction stemming from this venture is rapidly depleting tiger populations rather than increasing them.

In Indonesia, WWF partners with the palm oil giant Wiemar to raze native rainforests and replace them with extensive palm oil plantations. In many cases the Indonesian government has illegally leased land to Wiemar. The land belongs to indigenous farmers whose ancestors planted the tropical forest gardens destroyed to make way for palm oil.

In Argentina WWF, in partnership with Monsanto, has brought the country to the verge of ecological collapse by destroying natural forest and pampas and replacing them with a GM soy desert the size of Germany.

As one of their vice presidents openly demonstrates in the film, WWF is a strong proponent of genetic engineering. In return for a sizable donation, in 2010 the group awarded Monsanto a seal of product sustainability for their GM soy seed.

I first became concerned about the activities off the WWF in the mid-nineties when I learned that they had allowed their parks to be used as training bases for the Hutu militants responsible for the Rwandan genocide. The film makes brief mention of the secret mercenary army WWF assembled from British special forces and South African (apartheid) security personnel. The alleged purpose of these mercenaries was to assassinate poachers who were endangering elephant and rhinoceros populations.

The pro-African website Nairaland tells a very different story.

Under the guise of protecting endangered species, such as the elephant, the rhinoceros and the tiger, WWF “park rangers” carry out assassinations and other attacks against so-called “poachers” who in many instances turn out to be local patriotic political leaders or farmers who refuse to abandon their land and their food production to the WWF’s land confiscation programs.

23 thoughts on “A Classic Case of Greenwashing

  1. This is horrible! Governments are just as responsible for allowing this destruction and decimation of the indigenous populations by way of their natural habitat. Greed always prevails.

    Thanks Dr. Bramhall!


    • What really galls me about this, Shelby, is the deliberate deception. The WWF is conning millions of dollars out of unsuspecting people who believe they are protecting the environment with their donations – when they’re really supporting the ruling elites and corporations who are destroying the planet.

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  2. I have come to this conclusion: anything that is out there in the open, meaning you can see it being pandered in the mass media, is a part of the system, and thus some kind of scam/lie.

    I know this sounds simplistic, and it is.

    And as you have pointed out before, we even have to be cautious of “alternative” sources as well.

    I know the environment, climate and creatures are being destroyed, but I have become cautious/hesitant to jump on board with “green” issues, since, by experience, I have found I cannot trust the info being doled out.

    And the WWF is just one example.

    It has gotten to the point that, on issues dealing with environment/nature/climate, I refuse to commit to any one position, because I truly no longer know who to believe and who not to believe. We have been manipulated and lied to so often that it is almost impossible to discern the truth: it’s the “Crying Wolf” once too often scenario. I just know that the powers that be are destroying us and the planet.


    • Agreed. Greenpeace and the Sierra Club also have a long history of cosying up to corporations. Prior to the anti-WTO protests in Seattle, I assumed all environmental organizations were corrupt in this way. There seemed to be a turning point with the new millennium, with environmental groups shifting their focus from conserving nature to sustainability and human health issues.

      I find it safest to support specific projects, for example campaigns to increase awareness about the toxins in our food and water. I will also support national groups that support local activism. For example I contribute $5 a month to Fluoride Action New Zealand because in 2011 they helped us get the fluoride out of New Plymouth’s water – and now they’re helping other cities and towns to do the same.

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      • This is what I am trying to do as well through writing. When you break it all down, you can begin to see the truth more clearly. I believe we also need to get back in touch with our own consciousness, our own intuition, on issues like these: gather as much info as possible on all sides, and then read, study and trust our instincts, “Is it true or False?” Not that this is sure fire, but we have to start somewhere to know what the truth is on any given issue.

        I am not not opposed to political activism OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM, which is what you are supporting here, and what I am trying to support.

        This kind of activism is needed more, right now, than ever before!


    • Despite nationalizing numerous industries and refusing to pay odious foreign debt, Cristina Kirchner seems oblivious to any responsibility to protect the environment or the health of Argentinians. In April she signed a deal for Russia to build Argentina’s sixth nuclear reactor.

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    • Skywalker, through sad experience I have become very selective in which national environmental groups I donate to. I much prefer donating to local groups where I know the people running them personally.


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  4. One of the WWF founders was none other than, ..ahem, ……drum roll please, …..Prince Bernhard! Yes, the same friendly guy who thought he could become King of Indonesia, brought us the Bilderberg group, was the first president of the WWF, but then had to settle for a bribe from Lockheed…..

    And I didn’t even have to make this up. (maniacal laughter emanating from the background)

    Lately a good number of charitable organizations have come under fire for the exorbitant compensation plans for upper management, while donations are collected by volunteers. Sad.

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    • In this era of disinformation and psychological conditioning, you have to continually stay on your toes to keep from being hoodwinked by the ruling elite.

      It seems like the last 100 years or so, they have relied mainly on propaganda and psychological conditioning (rather than force) though the pendulum seems to be swinging back the other way.

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  5. I am disgusted and shocked! I always thought WWF was a good charity and had donate to them in the past. I have not in long a lot time as I believe their chairs receive far to much salary. This just takes the biscuit how on earth can they sleep at night I angered I really am.

    Message coming up on twitter and a definite and clear unfollowing! Thank you for opening my eyes!


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