10,000 Sue Syngenta Over Unapproved GMO Corn Shipped to China*

10,000 US farmers are suing Syngenta for selling GMO corn to China without Chinese approval. This resulted in China boycotting all corn imports from the US, which has hit struggling American farmers extremely hard. Lawsuits have been filed at the federal level and in 22 states.

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10,000 Sue Syngenta Over Unapproved GMO CornShipped to China – U.S. Farmers Lose $5 Billion in Sales *

This couldn’t happen under TPP…

By Vincent Marshall


Town hall meetings have been taking place recently regarding corn litigation with the Syngenta company.

The lawsuit is regarding claims that Syngenta sold genetically modified corn with a strain called MIR-162 to China without their approval of the modification.

“The first shipment that tested positive for MIR-162,” Hecker Law Group attorney Jacob Hecker said,

“was destroyed by the Chinese in 2013. Afterwards all other shipments with trace amounts of the strain were sent back to where they came from.”

Due to the strain, China, who at the time was the third largest importer of US corn, boycotted all corn from being imported from the US.

“The lawsuits being filed in approximately 22 states,” Hecker said,

“are to determine if Syngenta was negligent…

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3 thoughts on “10,000 Sue Syngenta Over Unapproved GMO Corn Shipped to China*

  1. A novel idea, perhaps citizens should start a class action lawsuit against these GMO giants, for promoting ill health. Would that be a relevant and crucial issue? Sadly most food manufacturers and the general public just don’t care enough about their own health!


    • I think people do care about their health – that this is the main reason more and more people are switching to organically grown food. In my view, the main problem is the paucity of public information about toxins that are hazardous to human health. Doctors are as much to blame as the mainstream media for not providing good information about toxic chemical exposure.

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      • IMHO, we are ultimately responsible for our own health and should not rely on gov’ts to know what’s best for us. Doctors are just as brainwashed by the medical establishment as the average Joe, we’re all constantly bombarded by drug advertisements on TV, magazines… and yet few are aware of the inherent conflict of interest and subtle psychological programming that’s going on. There’s plenty of natural health and healing info on the web, ppl just have to take responsibility for their own health.


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