Mushrooms, Bees and Cancer

Paul Stamets – How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply

Bioneers (2014)

Paul Stamets is a mycologist who studies the complex role played by the vast network of fungal mycelium that underlies all natural forests and grassland. As many organic gardeners are learning, deforestation and plowing, herbicides and pesticides associated with industrial agriculture are killing this mycelium. It’s in this way that important antibacterial (most antibiotics are derived from fungi) and antiviral properties are lost that are vital to both the plant and animal kingdom

Stamets first became interested in the role of fungi in bee health when he saw honeybees sucking the mycelium out of wood chips on his farm. Through subsequent research, he would learn that specific fungi contain compounds that suppress the virus carried by veroa mites – implicated in colony collapse syndrome. The same antiviral fungi are also play a role in protecting animals against zoonotic* viruses, such as bird flu and H1N1.

Stamets believes that wide scale deforestation has destroyed the fungi that bees have traditionally relied on and this is partly responsible for the 40% reduction in bee populations. He also blames deforestation for growing pandemics of zoonotic illnesses like bird flu, H1N1, MERS and possibly ebola.

In the second video, Stamets discusses his research into turkey tail mushrooms as an adjunct treatment in terminal breast cancer.

More about the successful $2.25 million National Institute of Health Study at the link below. Owing to their positive effect on the microbiome (intestinal bacteria), turkey tail mushrooms are also helpful in

  • Infections and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract
  • Infections of the urinary tract
  • Infections and irritations of the digestive tract
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Chronic congestion
  • General lack of energy and malaise

*A zoonotic disease is one that can be passed between animals and people

15 thoughts on “Mushrooms, Bees and Cancer

  1. Turkey Tail Mushrooms. I need to see if I can get hold of these. Suffering from asthma, I am always looking for natural ways to relieve inflammation!

    Will be checking out the videos over the next few days. I also plan on posting on health issues, so I’ll be reblogging this soon!


    • I’ve already ordered some for myself for my chronic C diff infection. Interesting that 20 years ago one of the Chinese doctors I saw tried to treat me with concentrated mushroom extract. I was unable to digest it then, but I think I could tolerate it now with the special diet I’m on.


      • I’m probably going to have to hold off due to cost. I’m taking other supplements and on a fixed income. Maybe by the late Fall I can fit it in to the budget.


  2. Amazing he deserves the highest of accolades. But we all know GSK and their cronies can’t patient mushrooms so won’t make this available for the public. So all we can do is share share share! Thanks you so much.


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