EU begins military intervention in Mediterranean

At their meeting in Luxembourg on Monday, European Union (EU) foreign ministers agreed to the commencement of a military mission against so-called people smugglers in the Mediterranean Sea. EU governments plan use warships, fighter jets and drones to destroy smugglers’ boats – even if they’re full of refugees.

I suppose mass slaughter is one solution to the refugee problem. It’s also a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.

Counter Information

By Martin Kreickenbaum
25 June 2015

At their meeting in Luxembourg on Monday, European Union (EU) foreign ministers agreed to the commencement of the EUNAVFOR Med mission against so-called people smugglers in the Mediterranean Sea. The programme plans to target refugee boats and involves a massive expansion of intelligence and police powers.

The first phase of the operation is to begin within days. It involves intelligence agency spying on alleged smuggling organisations and networks in North Africa, particularly Libya.

Agents are to locate targets and identify boats and suspected masterminds, before forwarding this data to the command centre. With this information, refugee boats will be intercepted, confiscated and destroyed on the high seas in the second phase of the operation. The third stage allegedly involves the deployment of Predator drones, Tornado fighter jets and military divers on the coast and in Libyan ports.

The military operation is a response to…

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7 thoughts on “EU begins military intervention in Mediterranean

  1. What a discusting scenario first we have destruction of Libya, most prosperious country in Africa and a relieve valve for destitute Africans to find work,and now the Euro people paranoia in all things black and muslim. Just how far will Zionist go to make Isrial into there image


    • I’m aware the CIA did a lot of research through the Monarch program about the use of trauma-based dissociation to program killers. It’s my understanding that the results were very unpredictable. Even when people were in a trance, they balked at following suggestions that were against their self-interest – unless a “model psychosis” was created with some kind of stimulant or anticholinergic drug.

      I think something like this might have happened with Sirhan. Not with Oswald, though. They evidence is pretty conclusive that Oswald never fired shots in Dealey Plaza. He was a patsy, jus like he said after he was arrested.


      • DR i was thinking about LHO Trauma part as he was in Orphanage,slept with his mother, tried enroll M at 16, David Ferera at 15, shoots himselve at 17.brig at 17,may have been envolved in murder at 17,moving school every 2 years,training in use of rifel,pistol and riot gun at 17 and major surgery at young age.Manchurian candidate would be best plan but in LHO case he didn’t fill the bill but as patsy he was close to perfect.


  2. I visits sites like Zen Gardner, and the writers on these sites claim, in some esoteric sense, that “the elite powers are on the run.” I’m skeptical about the esoteric portion, but it does appear that the elite powers seem very desperate at the moment.

    This kind of solution to a “problem”, especially a “problem” created by the US and NATO countries, is insane, its genocidal. So maybe the writers on Zen Gardner and the other sites are correct, maybe the elite powers can see and read the writing on the wall?

    Either way, this is despicable and monstrous beyond belief. And at some time in the future, everyone associated with this kind of heinous atrocity must be dealt with, severely!


  3. It’s hard to know what’s going on due to all the secrecy – it’s pretty obvious, though, that the US and Europe are going down the tubes economically and trying to disguise this through military belligerence.


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