With Cover-ups UN Quietly Offers DNA Tests for ‘Peacekeeper Babies’ & Sexual Abuse Claims*

Pretty alarming that nearly half of the paternity claims are from minors who complain of being raped.

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With Cover-ups UN Quietly Offers DNA Tests for ‘Peacekeeper Babies’ & Sexual Abuse Claims*

Editor’s Note: Can you imagine a one world government with these sick b*stards in charge? Nothing says peace like rape…

As one of its efforts to address allegations of sexual misconduct by UN keepers worldwide, the organization, has quietly begun running DNA tests to resolve paternity claims by victims who are left raising ‘UN babies,’ according to AP.

Some of the UN’s 125,000 peacekeeping force spanning over 16 locations across the world, have engaged in sexual relations with local populations, or have even been accused of committing sexual crimes. Such acts have result in claims that a child was conceived from a member of the UN force, including non-military staff.

Of the dozen paternity claims received last year, four were associated with alleged sexual abuse of a minor, the Associated Press reports. When asked whom the…

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18 thoughts on “With Cover-ups UN Quietly Offers DNA Tests for ‘Peacekeeper Babies’ & Sexual Abuse Claims*

  1. “sick b*stards in charge”, INDEED!

    Here is REMINDER of the institutional EVIL:
    Generational marketing ages 10 – 20 Fads “to piss off their parents”
    Wearable & Edible Programmable RFID Microchips


  2. As you know, war dehumanizes its participants. And we live in a world that has been in perpetual war for the last century. The system/order we allow to continue creates wars and dehumanized participants like these. So why should we be surprised at these types of outcomes. The conquerors throughout history have always raped and pillaged, and evidently we are no different than they were.

    It seems to me, if we want these atrocities to end, then we better start trying to eradicate the disease, instead of just complaining about and treating the symptoms.


  3. Perhaps my comment was too brief to properly share the full meaning;
    As a kid I did not know what a succubus was until I saw a horror film and the she-demon killed many men. Up till that moment I thought only men were mass murderers, demons and monsters; the film frightened me more than all other horror films. That horror film shook me up and my older brother had to calm me down and explained it all as fiction, but the idea of evil women was a disturbing new idea for my young thoughts.

    Before I even researched the career of Regina Dugan my sense was she appeared to me as a evil woman on first impression, then upon research I found:
    “As director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Regina Dugan oversaw the US armed forces’ innovation engine. Now she deploys the same research tactics at Google.” …she became the first woman in charge of Darpa, the Pentagon’s research arm. -TED TALKS https://www.ted.com/speakers/regina_dugan

    Google’s Regina Dugan may have violated ethics rules while at DARPA

    I do not know if Regina Dugan is a evil woman but she has the distinction of being one of the few females on my institutional criminal database watch-list.
    My wife saw Regina Dugan’s photo and her first impression was of a evil woman.

    My closing comment is that I blog about planetary healing as the evidence is abundant that the human specie is traumatized as a world wide condition that has yet to be healed. This research topic is part of the global dialogue along with institutional dominance, governance, war, rape, fraud, abuse, experimentation, slavery, subjugation, mind control, human resource, etc…

    Hidden Hand(s) – Cultural Programming –

    NOTE How Often GOOGLE corporation is involved in the network of Technocracy’s centralization of control with the digitization of society with a world wide A.I. (quantum computers) Smart appliances, digital money, RFID, control grid.


  4. I find this just sickening and a sad reminder of our state of society. Even if it was consensual sex then they have a responsibility and to be abusing people you are supposed to protecting, and even saving them is just obscene. This highlights the mentality of some armed forces members and the way they are trained, with a view to power and control. I know most are good humans but still a review of the style of training which has caused concerned previously should be call upon.


    • Consensual sex with teens under 16 is defined as rape in nearly all societies. I guess the basic cause of this situation is impunity: they do it because they know they can get away with it.


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