1. If only the constitution meant something, which it does not: it is what it is, and for an elite purpose only.

    And if only Obama and congress were not controlled by the power elite.

    Then maybe we could move forward with this same system. But…

    I’m glad someone finally said something like this where the “elected” stooges could hear it! Because this is coming, and soon, if everything remains as it is now.


    • Agreed. In my mind, the Constitution was a real step backward for ordinary people. We would have been much better off if they had kept the Articles of Confederation.

      With the US retail sector sinking like a stone, I have a really strong feeling that the beast of monopoly capitalism is in its death throes.

      It’s up to the people to decide where to go from here. Our elected stooges are incapable of managing such a difficult transition.


      • “We would have been much better off if they had kept the Articles of Confederation.”

        Spot on right! A of C, a document that at least tried to keep power with the people and the individual states. We could have been, to some extent, a country made up of large, self-governed and self-sustaining states/communities, just like what we are desirous of today. But the powers that be couldn’t have that, could they!

        Have you ever read this:


        I read this a few years back, and it really opened my eyes! I spent many years in the matrix stupor myself! So I understand why people are resistant to this truth!

        And yes the retail sector is definitely in its death throes, as I believe is true of corporate capitalism as well.

        It is up to we the individuals to decide where we go from here. And I hope where we go is away from these old and corrupt economic and political systems.


  2. Does this leave Bush and Cheney of the hook? We’ve been being screwed since before Wilson was president, there’s just not much the few of us can do about it. Most of “us” don’t even care to know the truth. I’ll put this on my facebook page and hope, hope, eternal hope. 🙂


    • The Cato Institute didn’t like Bush and Cheney much, either. They pick on Obama because it’s easier to mobilize libertarians against a Democrat. So many people are still really confused by the designer political factions the public relations industry tries to foist on us.


    • Interesting link, sojourner. Jerry Fresia’s 1988 Towards an American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions is also an excellent resource about the skullduggery behind the framing of the Constitution. I find it highly significant that the original records of the Constitutional Convention were sealed for 50 years to keep people from finding out what really happened.

      Just to clarify, I think it’s up to individuals to organize and collectively decide where to go to from here. Unless people organize, I tend to think they’re doomed.

      As for retail sector, I meant the retail stores that are being forced to close because workers have no money to buy their products. The banks are still raking in immense profits, as are the defense contractors and major oil companies.


      • “Just to clarify, I think it’s up to individuals to organize and collectively decide where to go to from here. Unless people organize, I tend to think they’re doomed.”

        I agree! I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. I just meant the universal rights of the individual need to be respected and protected by the collective, which they are not in this current system, as you know. I’m for a unified humanity, not a divided or separate one. Sorry I didn’t make this clear above.

        Okay then, I was right about retail sector. Yes, I know the banks and corps are all raking it in at the moment, but their money making system is a phantom/fraud, and soon their phantom/fraud is going to collapse, once again, and be exposed. Only this time, there will be no “quick fix”!


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