Watching The Watchers: Searchable Database Of NSA Contractors Revealed


This is real poetic justice, to my way of thinking. If NSA thinks they can monitor all our communications and movements, they need to accept we will identify and target them as individuals. In some ways, this is the biggest breakthrough since some activists uncovered Cointelpro by breaking into an FBI field office (after dealing with hundreds of FBI break-ins to their homes and offices).



There’s been a lot of great work with people looking at what intelligence contractors do and about the function of specific surveillance programs—about what intelligence agencies do and the interactions between them—but no one has really looked at this at much of an individual level,” McGrath said. “However, I think it’s important to look at the surveillance state from an individual level, because institutions are made up of people. And when we can understand what people do within institution—why they do it, what their world view is [and] how they got to that point—we can get a better understanding of how they function, how we can reform them and, luckily, it’s very easily to find out who is involved in the surveillance state with just a few simple Google searches.

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8 thoughts on “Watching The Watchers: Searchable Database Of NSA Contractors Revealed

  1. Exactly what is needed. They need to realise that they will be held personally responsible and accountable.

    This protocol needs to be expanded an implemented across the board for out of control government agencies and the cops.


  2. Why the hand full of agencies that spy and surveil 24/7 world wide did not stop the 9/11 events is an obvious red flag and revealing, but have a close look at one secret agency:
    Mark Passio devotes the first 27 minutes of this segment of his Lecture on the
    National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)- they have launched many spy satellites
    Reportedly, has the Least Employees, but the Biggest Budget…


      • The “bizarre” is in the “in your face” self evident obvious kind.
        Billions of dollars budgets (more than $6 Billion in 1996fy) controlled by individuals that portray Psychotic thinking and personality traits…

        “Higher than the most high” – We are higher than god.
        Pyramid with the all seeing eye. Fiery demons /Extraterrestrials/wizard/sorcerer, blocking the sun, casting shadow onto the Earth, and hurling thunderbolts down from heaven to the Earth.
        “Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus” First grave/importance from the fall/sunset?
        “Melior Diabolus Quem Scies” Better the devil you know?
        “Oderint Dum Metuant” Let them Hate Us so long as they Fear Us?
        “Procul Este Profani” and “Si Ego Certiorem Faciem Mihi Tu Delendus Eris”
        If I told you about this I would have to kill you?

        Dangerous and threatening.


  3. “This is real poetic justice, to my way of thinking.”

    To my way of thinking as well! “What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander,” as my old ma used to say!


      • News for the revolution and I were just commenting back and forth on this very topic. There are several states that aren’t going to allow Jade Helm 2015 to take place in them. And there are over one-hundred cities around the country going to more of a self-sustaining, self-governing way of existence.

        It could be, as I just wrote to him, that there are more Mericans, than it might appear, who are waking up to the corruption and evil of this government. At the least, this is some sign of an awakening. It’s something to find hope in!


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