Is Chelsea Clinton the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell? – By Robert Morrow



In my mind the most significant paragraph in this article is this one:

‘In 2012 I asked a well known Republican political operative who has spent a lot of time at high levels in GOP politics “How long have you known that Webb Hubbell was the biological father of Chelsea Clinton?” He said he had known that since 1992. I said why didn’t the Republicans use that as an issue in 1992? Reply: he wasn’t running the 1992 presidential campaign.’

Very interesting article about the Clintons’ open marriage and people who’ve been hurt by it.


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For years, the Clintons have gone to great lengths to pretend to be something they are not: a family. To this day, Bill often refers to Hillary as his “wife”, despite the fact he has been kicked out of her house a long time ago. And Hillary refers to Bill as her “husband”, despite the fact that Hillary knew Bill was sexually unhinged from the day she “married” Bill on Oct. 11, 1975.

In the 1992 campaign Bill’s aide Betsy Wright had a list of a whopping 26 women who were potential “bimbo eruptions” who might come forward and say they had had sex with wild Bill. In Clinton terms these were all nuts, sluts & liars. In reality, these were just the tip of the iceberg of the women who Bill Clinton has had sex with.

Bill and Hillary had a dysfunctional 1970’s “open…

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3 thoughts on “Is Chelsea Clinton the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell? – By Robert Morrow

  1. I’m not so sure if you look at Bill and Hilary wedding photo Chelsea is spitting image of her mother,maybe everyone is wrong and bill is gay and hilary had Immaculate Conception I sooner be talking about there connections to CIA and drug smugling or hilary been on board of directors of Wallmart


    • I think it’s fine if politicians want to have illicit affairs – that’s their private business. I think rape (in the case of Bill) and secretly pimping sexual lovers to positions of high office (in the case of Hillary) is something quite different. The most dangerous aspect of all this is it opens both of them to blackmail by the CIA and FBI, and as we have seen, people in places of power have no scruples whatsoever about doing whatever they have to (including murder) to avoid being exposed.

      At the same time, you come away from this article with the sense that the pair of them are totally morally unhinged. They have an absolute lust for power and the sexual prerogatives that come with it. People who are totally amoral can be quite dangerous because they have no conscience to check their behavior.


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