California Governor Order Mandatory Water Cuts


 drought monitor

image credit Zero Hedge

Guest Post by Kevin Moore

The item below indicates the kind of devastation that has occurred, and will increasingly occur, as a consequence of outlandishly high energy consumption and the abject failure throughout most of the world to address energetic and environmental matters.

As long as New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) continues to focus on business-as-usual (economic growth, covering ‘everything’ with concrete and asphalt, tourism, entertainment, boondoggles etc. ) everything in the district will continue to be made worse by NPDC, until everything collapses.

With California (population 40 million and ‘food-basket’ for America going under, we are in for a very ‘interesting’ period 2015 to 2016.

For First Time In History, California Governor Orders Mandatory Water Cuts Amid “Unprecedented, Dangerous Situation” (from Zero Hedge)

Amid the “cruelest winter ever,” with the lowest snowpack on record, and with 98.11% of the state currently in drought conditions, California Governor Jerry Brown orders mandatory water cuts in California for the first time in history…

And finally some action…

As ABC reports,

California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced a set of mandatory water conservation measures today, as the state continues to struggle with a prolonged drought that has lasted for more than four years.

“Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow,” Brown said in a statement after visiting a manual snow survey in the Sierra Nevadas. “This historic drought demands unprecedented action.”

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Kevin David Moore, a fellow New Plymouth resident, is a founding and executive member of ASPO-NZ (The Association for the Study of Peak Oil). He’s New Zealand’s leading energy-environment-economic analyst, and has written five books on the global economic system and its effects on both the global environment and on ordinary people. He is noted for highest-level analysis, for telling truths most people shy away from, and for challenging the dysfunctional policies formulated and implemented by central and local government.

6 thoughts on “California Governor Order Mandatory Water Cuts

  1. “This historic drought demands unprecedented action.”

    Like what? Water restrictions? How well is THAT working out? See, this is what is wrong with US, we wait until there is NO solution to a problem to then begin to address it by wondering what to do about it.

    And I see that quite a large area of California is classed in the ‘exceptional drought’ zone. I am sure they feel special seeing as how Obama goes on and on about American ‘exceptionalism’. I am also quite certain that the ink is about to dry on the certificate that he has prepared and with ceremonial aplomb, will hand over to the state of California for ‘drought exceptionalism’! Way ta go Cali! You can keep THAT particular award/certificate. I don’t think any other state would want it.


    • The worst thing about the water restrictions is that they only apply to common people, not to Nestle’s bottling plants or fracking operations. With the recession, lots of people have started urban gardens because it’s the only way they can access fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s dead wrong for people to be restricted in their access to healthy food just so corporations can make obscene profits. IMHO Jerry Brown needs to be impeached.


    • Fracking is a very sensitive subject here in New Plymouth. It used to be a gorgeous rural landscape dotted with dozens of grassfed dairy farms. Now it’s covered with hundreds of fracking rigs, that put out gas flares day and night, constant noise, constant heavy truck traffic and a nice little cancer cluster from the contaminated water.

      Right now the big fight is to stop them from sinking a new rig 500 meters from a primary school. These wells blow up you know – that’s already happened once. It’s even more common for them to have accidental gas releases.

      Right now we’re fighting the emergency plan – which is to lock the kids in the school in case of a gas release or explosion. WTF?


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