Iceland Does The Unimaginable To Its Criminal Bankers (4:01)



Unlike the US and Britain, Iceland has a reputation for taking steps that other countries have until now refused to even consider, such as nationalizing their banks. This radical change has boosted the Icelandic economy and leaves other European countries trailing miserably behind.

It’s high time the US followed Iceland’s example – either lock ’em up or string ’em up.

15 thoughts on “Iceland Does The Unimaginable To Its Criminal Bankers (4:01)

    • A lot of people in Australia and New Zealand think they’re immune from the corrupt influence of international bankers. In New Zealand, most of our banks are owned by Australian banks – whose major shareholders are Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan.


  1. Dr. you just don’t get it,when you are just to big to jail and your underling is president of USA and our 3D printer working OT putting out money and the honey to keep it that way.


  2. Love it! Give ’em hell times 100!

    But this will never happen here, since the bankers are among those who own and operate Merica!

    By the way, I posted your comment on the psychiatry post. And I also want to share that my posts are pointed at Merican psychiatry, not psychiatry in general. I know, by experience, that psychiatry is just another arm of the government and Big Pharma in Merica.

    I mean no insult to you!


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