It’s time for a serious public rebellion to curtail welfare spending on giant, profitable corporations who use our public services and infrastructure, ship American jobs to dictatorial regimes overseas and even brazenly avoid paying their share of taxes to Uncle Sam. This is a clear left/right convergence issue that has been muddied by corporatist rhetoric about free markets and self-reliant capitalism for far too long.

Great article by Ralph Nader.

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Start With Red Corporate Faces On the Golf Course

“Hey Everybody! We’re all gonna get [rich off the backs of tax payers]!” (Screenshot: Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack)

Should you ever find yourself in the unique situation of being out on a golf course alongside some big time CEOs of major corporations, here’s a fun experiment to try. It’s very simple — just ask the CEOs for their opinion on welfare. Many CEOs — who typically make thousands of dollars an hour — might spout the old “stand on your own two feet instead of relying on government assistance” rhetoric. Should that be the case, you should point out that there are hundreds of programs in existence that directly or indirectly provide billions of dollars of taxpayer money to corporations…

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  1. Great synchronicity, I recently posted that I miss
    Rodney Dangerfield!

    Seriously, however, most corporate CEO’s are deaf to that “corporate-welfare” argument, and truly lack real fair competitiveness in the real world on main street and away from regulatory protections, govt contracts and SWF institutional investor rigged insider banking club game.
    But the public shaming that code pink and others are doing if it swells to become common would be effective.


    • I think corporate CEOs have been sitting isolated in their ivory towers so long that they have come to believe that they genuinely merit all the perks their puppet politicians grant them, ie that they are better than everyone else. They don’t care if the rest of the population starves, falls ill or dies as a result of their greed. We’re merely collateral damage. Either that or they find some way to blame us for the suffering they inflict on us.


  2. No, this isn’t right. These men work hard for a living, and their corps need this money to survive!

    It is shiftless, lazy assholes like me, and others my age, who paid into the social system, who should be put out of our misery, so we are no longer a drain on upright citizens like these CEOs!

    And if you believe this, I have some property in Southern Florida for sale!;-)

    String ’em up, cease their personal and corporate assets, save the poor around the world, and then start the world anew!


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