BREAKING: WikiLeaks Leaks TPP Draft!!!



The advanced Jan 2015 version of the secret Transpacific Partnership treaty released by Wikileaks reveals that the investor protection chapter was even worse than we predicted.

It would empower foreign investors to sue governments and demand cash compensation for any laws or regulations that undermine their “expectations” of how they should be treated.

This includes a right to claim damages for government actions (such as new environmental, health or financial policies) that reduce the value of a foreign firm’s investment (what the leaked text calls “indirect expropriation”) or that change the level of regulation a foreign investor experienced under a previous government (a violation of what the text calls a “minimum standard of treatment” for foreign investors).

According to the leaked text, it would also allow pharmaceutical companies to use TPP  tribunals to demand cash compensation for generic medications that allegedly violate their so-called intellectual property rights.

Satu Insan - Malaysia

Daily Kos


Here it is, for the world to see.

Per WikiLeaks:

This is an advanced January 2015 version of the confidential draft treaty chapter from the Investment group of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks between the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei Darussalam. The treaty is being negotiated in secret by delegations from each of these 12 countries, who together account for 40% of global GDP. The chapter covers agreements on investments from one TPP nation to another, including empowering foreign firms to “sue” other states’ governments, as well as regulations around investor-state dispute settlements and tribunals. This document was prepared by TPP investment chapter negotiators in advance of the informal round of negotiations held in New York City 26th January to 1st February, 2015

Global Trade Watch has just provided an analysis of the leaked text via email…

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10 thoughts on “BREAKING: WikiLeaks Leaks TPP Draft!!!

  1. And the NWO marches on, trampling anybody that gets in the way! Greed and power driven insanity! And what are the peoples of this world, not just Mericans, going to do to stop it?

    Increasingly the wealthy and powerful few control everything, while the people try to survive.


    • I’m really skeptical that New Zealand will sign the TPP at this point. We had a by-election in a strong National government district yesterday, and the National candidate was defeated by a minor party candidate who has a member’s bill in Parliament to make it illegal for NZ to sign any treaty with an investor protection clause. I think the message was pretty clear: Kiwis oppose TPP and they don’t trust Obama or the US.


      • Wonderful!

        I wish I lived in a country I didn’t mistrust and despise as much as I do the US.

        Maybe other countries will start following N Z’s lead. We can hope. Many of us here, are hoping for the rest of the world to help us put an end to this malignancy! We cannot do it alone, not in this day and age.


  2. It appears that the power is moving back to the East! I hope this is true, and I also hope that the East will not repeat what has happened in the West.

    In other words, I hope the East doesn’t let these same US and European elite psychos in the door or allow them to run the show.


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