Pwr 2 the COLORADO Peons!



Bravo, Colorado. I take exception to the “few bad apples” line, though. In the US, a culture of policing has arisen in which cops are at war with the civilians they are meant to “serve and protect” – especially if they have brown skin.

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Cops in Colorado Could Soon Face $15,000 Fines If They Try to Stop People From Filming

While Texas lawmakers are trying to make filming the police illegal, Colorado is taking a much better approach.
 Brooklyn cops shot

Denver, CO — While Texas lawmakers are trying to make filming the police illegal, Colorado is taking a much better approach.

A package of bills that are designed to increase police oversight have been introduced in the Colorado Legislature. One of the measures included in the package would impose up to $15,000 in civil penalties for cops who interfere with someone trying to film them.

“Primarily, it came up as a result of the number of news reports we’ve been seeing about police officers telling people, ‘Give me your camera,’ or taking the data away, and that is unacceptable conduct,” said Rep. Joe Salazar…

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6 thoughts on “Pwr 2 the COLORADO Peons!

  1. Yes, kudos to Colorado!

    But I’m with you, Dr Bramhall, the ‘few bad apples’ line has grown stale in the ears of people like me, because there seems to be nothing but ‘bad apples’, or psychotics as I like to refer to them, in the gestapo these days.

    The government and their storm-troopers have declared war on me and other Mericans. And so I consider my self as being in a state of war, and therefore, I will react and respond as I must, in order to protect me and others!

    It’s typical US propaganda to appease the masses: “Oh now, it’s not that bad. These fine young men and women are just trying to do a difficult job, that’s all! Don’t resist and you won’t get hurt!” Bullshit! Their job is difficult because they, on orders from higher-ups, have made it difficult by waging war on the people!

    I never did care much for authority of any kind, especially the psychotic, bloodthirsty type!


  2. I think the other thing to remember here is that the Colorado legislature didn’t make the decision to reign in police criminality out of the goodness of their heart. These things only happen in response to massive grassroots pressure.


  3. Have the readers here seen the U.S. multi-agency armed Military drills scheduled for July 15 – Sept. 15 2015?
    The operations are code named JADE HELM, pdf file can be downloaded:

    COLORADO, NEW MEXICO, TEXAS, ARIZONA, UTAH, NEVADA, and CALIFORNIA are States listed and interestingly only Sen McCain’s state of Arizona is listed as “Leaning FRIENDLY” – all others are not friendly (hostiles)…?

    WHAT do the government know that they refuse to tell us?


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