Celebrating a decade of Zapatismo in New York*



For ten years the local people of El Barrio have been organizing horizontally to create non-authoritarian spaces of urban resistance and solidarity. Too bad you have haven’t heard about it in the corporate media. For Shelby.

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Celebrating a decade of Zapatismo in New York*

Some keep repeating the mantra that Americans are sheeple and that’s why there has not been a 21st century revolution taking place. However, some Americans are revolting, not on the streets, but by taking control of their own lives. From Brick-by-brick: Missouri Judge Rules Common Core Unconstitutional* to Water Pipes that Generate Electricity in Portland*, This Edible Park Feeds 200,000 Hungry People Every Month* to How Nebraskans took Control of their Energy Grid*. From 90yr old US Veteran Arrested for feeding homeless Changes the Law* to High School Students Refuse to Take State-wide Tests*. From One Public Bank’s Success Story Outperforms Goldman Sachs* to A U.S. County Votes in Self-Governance*. And so it goes on…

By Jessica Davis

For ten years the local people of El Barrio have been organizing horizontally to create non-authoritarian spaces of urban resistance and solidarity.

We fight so…

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating a decade of Zapatismo in New York*

  1. Thank YOU Dr. Bramhall! I SO needed to read this! Bless your beautiful heart!!! Oh, dear! I am tearing up again! Again, I thank YOU!! There are so many precious people in this world. I just need to look a past the mess to see their light! Thank you for showing me their light!


    • Thanks you, Shelby, for reminding us that we can’t keep focusing on the negative all the time. I promise to make more of an effort to post good news blogs – and to try to blog more about some of my local activism. This week for example, I signed up for a local time bank – it’s a system where you use volunteer hours instead of money to purchase services you need. And I’m trying to join a local savings pool, which is a way to help people borrow money for mortgages and small business loans without paying interest to a bank. I’m also really busy organizing a local New Plymouth Protest as part of New Zealand National Day of Action Against TPPA (the secret Transpacific Partnership agreement) on Mar 7. I don’t usually blog about such things because I’m not sure people will find them intesting.


      • I find all that you just wrote about to be extremely interesting and helpful and I bet that others who may not be in quite as bad a shape as I’m in, but still find themselves to be not holding up too well in the face of all the negativity, need to read about the different projects that other people are working on for the GOOD of all people. We need community involvement and we need to know that there are others out there that are not just about doom and gloom but are attempting to find ways to overcome much of that by activism or volunteering and finding other ways to fight back. I really am in awe of what you are doing. You are quite the busy, little bee! Keep on keeping on Dr. B! Keep on keeping on! And thank you again!


        • Right now I have a lot of supportive activist friends in New Plymouth and they make it easier, especially as a lot of the campaigns you take on don’t always succeed. When I was back in Seattle, I felt pretty much on my own as an activist. So I understand how hard it can get without support.


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