Students Loan Strike against for Profit Colleges*



Students organize debt strike against Corinthian College for duping them into signing up for a worthless degree. Hopefully the first of many assaults against the student loan racket.

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Students Loan Strike against for Profit Colleges*

By Lauren McCauley

Taking a stand against the for-profit schools which they say have saddled them with mountains of debt, a number of recent graduates, dubbed the Corinithian 15, on Monday launched a student debt strike.

The former students, with help from the anti-debt collective Rolling Jubilee, are refusing to pay the federal loans that Corinthian College Inc., the for-profit college chain, reportedly duped the students to sign up for, in exchange for a degree which they say is worthless.

“I was excited to attend Everest College online because they promised to help me find a well-paying career,” said student loan striker Latonya Suggs, from Cincinnati, Ohio. Suggs said she “took out thousands in loans so that I could make a better life for my son,” but upon graduating found that the criminal justice degree she obtained from Everest is not even recognized…

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4 thoughts on “Students Loan Strike against for Profit Colleges*

  1. I could never understand that the government allowed those dodgy colleges to exist. I also never understand students wanting to sign up for private colleges with Kellog’s Cornflakes degrees.
    Surely, universities are the only places to get a degree from?
    I think the English speaking world often slides in so much nonsense and make believe. But not a make believe of the magic kind.


  2. This is very sad, but almost comical because it demonstrates how totally ignorant and easily lead astray that almost everyone is. See what I said about this a couple of years ago when the US Dept of Ed sent me 12 letters demanding payment a couple of weeks after I exposed the fact that the exit polls were rigged in the Presidential primaries in 2012 at Just hit expand comments to see it if you don’t want to sign in.

    By the way, the 12 letters were dated the day of the radio show that I exposed this on. Also, from time to time, I get a nasty letter and I respond in kind.

    Also, the stupidest people who are paying student loan debts are law school graduates because they haven’t even read the effing Constitution.


    P.S. I haven’t paid anything to the Feds since they did absolutely nothing to keep a crooked judge from stealing my career.

    Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 20:48:15 +0000 To:


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