Evidence Emerges that Measles Outbreaks Are Deliberately Encouraged by Big Pharma to Ignite Vaccine Hysteria


Recent court case accuses Merck of systematic research fraud in the testing of measles and mumps vaccine. Test results were falsified, evidence destroyed and vaccine whistleblowers threatened with arrest and imprisonment.

It now appears that the main reason for the recent measles outbreak in California is an ineffective vaccine (defined as less than 95% effective). It’s not, as claimed in the corporate media, refusal of some parents to vaccinate their kids. That line of reasoning never made sense to me to begin with. If unvaccinated kids were the cause of the outbreak, they would be the only ones getting measles. When high numbers of vaccinated children get measles, it means the vaccine isn’t working.

Counter Information

Global Research, February 06, 2015
Natural News 5 February 2015

114974While the mainstream media is busy making a mockery of itself with runaway hysteria “witch hunt” hate speech against parents who choose not to poison their children with toxic vaccines, the real story on the measles outbreak remains entirely unreported in any mainstream media outlet.

What story is that? The true story about how Big Pharma’s own vaccine scientists blew the whistle on MMR vaccine research fraud taking place over a decade ago, warning that the vaccine’s approval by the FDA was based on “falsified results” and that the fraudulent MMR vaccine was the “primary cause” of a measles outbreak in 2006, as they state in their own words (see below).

The senior management of the world’s top vaccine producer was actively engaged in the fraud, according to the whistleblowers, even going so far as to test…

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6 thoughts on “Evidence Emerges that Measles Outbreaks Are Deliberately Encouraged by Big Pharma to Ignite Vaccine Hysteria

    • I’m still waiting to see the evidence that vaccines – especially multiple vaccines – are safe and effective over the long term. It’s certainly not helpful when Merck and the CDC collude to falsify research evidence.


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