Mae Brussell: Forgotten Superhero

Mae Brussell Pine Cone Photo

Part I of a two-part post on political researcher Mae Brussell

For more than 25 years, Mae Brussell (1922-1988) was America’s preeminent researcher into the suppressed history of political assassinations, covert operations, mind control, secret societies, organized banking crime and international fascism.

When I first learned of her work in 1992, Brussell had already been dead for four years. I had contacted the Christic Institute* to request copies of the literature they were putting out regarding their lawsuit against CIA operatives involved in either the Iran Contra Affair** or the CIA-backed cocaine trafficking used to finance the Contra war against Nicaragua. The staff member I talked to phone informed me the judge had dismissed their suit as frivolous and stripped them of their non-profit status. They had turned all their literature and tapes over to Prevailing Winds Research (PWR) in Santa Barbara. If I wanted more information, I would need to contact them.

Accessing Suppressed Documents Before the Internet

As I was to learn, PWR was an archival service for political activists, journalists, academics and former intelligence operatives whose writing on government crimes had been suppressed by the mainstream media. In 2015, most of this material is widely available on the Internet. Back in 1992, you had to order it through the PWR catalog.A week after I contacted them, they sent me an astonishing catalog of economically priced books, articles, tapes and monographs that had suppressed by the mainstream media (including, but not limited to, Philip Agee, Peter Dale Scott, Mae Brussell, Ralph Schoenman, Larry Flynt, John Judge, Seymour Hersh, John Stockwell and Abbie Hoffman).Given my strong interest in the JFK assassination, my first order consisted of Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal by William Torbitt, a collection of interviews with the late JFK assassination researcher John Judge*** and a collection of Mae Brussell’s articles.

Just an Ordinary Housewife (and Mother of Five)

Brussell had doubts about the official version of the JFK assassination from the moment she watched Jack Ruby assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald on live nation televisions. When Brussell’s daughter first saw Oswald in the hallway of the Dallas jail, it was obvious he’d been beaten and she felt sorry for him. She was wrapping up her teddy bear to send him when they saw Ruby shoot him.

Because it also bothered Brussell that the newspaper and TV coverage regarding Oswald’s background was full of discrepancies and contradictions. In 1964 she paid $86 to purchase the 26 volume Warren Commission report of the Kennedy assassination, which contained even more discrepancies and contradictions. As she stated in a 1974 interview with Playgirl Magazine, “Twenty-three adjectives were used to describe him in the Warren Report. They said he had no friends, no meaningful relationships, couldn’t hold a job, and so on. But the evidence all pointed in the opposite direction.”

So she began a seven-year project to cross index all the key witnesses and findings, filling dozens of notebooks with 28,000 pages of files on each witness and their specific link to Oswald. What she ultimately discovered was that the international terror network had gone underground and were continuing their fascist campaign to take over one country after another, including the US.

Thirty-Nine File Cabinets

Her determination to dig deeper into the JFK and other assassinations led her to read 15 newspapers every day and subscribe to more than 150 periodicals. The clippings she cut and saved would eventually fill 39 file cabinets.

As a result of her careful research, Brussell would conclude that the Kennedy assassinations, Martin Luther King’s assassination, the Manson family murders, Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick affair and the Patty Hearst kidnapping were all orchestrated by the far right, the CIA, the FBI and the Mafia with the dual purpose of discrediting the left and establishing a fascist state.

World Watchers International

Starting in 1971, Brussell hosted a weekly radio program called World Watchers International. She broadcast on KLRB in Carmel from 1971 from 1971 to 1983 and on public radio station KAZU in Pacific Grove from 1983-1988. Her program was syndicated to a half dozen stations around the country (including Sacramento, Boston, Syracuse and San Francisco), and hundreds of followers subscribed to her tapes and bibliographies. She also lectured extensively and had articles published in the Realist, People’s Almanac, Berkeley Barb, Penthouse and Hustler.

Other Assassinations

In addition to researching the US intelligence link to the Kennedy assassinations, the Martin Luther King Assassination and the attempted assassinations on Ronald Reagan, George Wallace and Pope John Paul II, assassination researcher Mae Brussell investigated the assassination of John Lennon and the suspicious deaths of dozens of other rock stars.

She was the first to uncover the role of former Nazi war criminals in the JFK assassination, as well as the US intelligence link to the Watergate break-in in June 1972. Brussell always believed Watergate was a coup to remove Nixon from power, a hypothesis corroborated more than thirty years later by Russ Baker in his 2009 book about the Bush family, Family of Secrets. In investigating the assassination attempt on Reagan, Brussell was the first to uncover that the father of the alleged assassin, John Hinkley Sr was an oil tycoon and close family friend and supporter of vice president George H. W. Bush.

Brussell’s friend (and former Chicago 7  defendant****) Paul Krassner published her the article she wrote about Watergate in August 1972, Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped? John Lennon, who had undergone years of FBI surveillance and harassment, paid the $5,000 printing bill.

Brussell first published her article The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination in Larry Flint’s short lived publication The Rebel in 1984.

The following is an early interview with Mae from 7/21/71. In it she discusses the longstanding power struggle between the Eastern banking/oil elite and the Western military/space elite and the role of John Kennedy’s murder in this power struggle. She also discusses Oswald’s role as an intelligence operative.

*The Christic Institute was a public interest law firm founded by Daniel Sheehan in 1980. Christic represented victims of the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island; they prosecuted KKK members for killing civil rights demonstrators in the Greensboro Massacre, and they defended Catholic workers providing sanctuary to Salvadoran refugees (American Sanctuary Movement). Most famously, the Christic Institute uncovered the Iran Contra Affair, and led the lawsuit at the heart of the scandal.Along with the suit, the Institute launched a massive public education campaign to raise public consciousness about the Iran Contra affair. Their work eventually led to the appointment of Iran Contra special Prosecutor Lawrence Welsh. His investigation led to the convictions of both former National Security Adviser John Poindexter and National Security Council member Oliver North, although both convictions were subsequently reversed.

**The Iran–Contra affair, also referred to as Irangate, was a political scandal in which senior Reagan administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of weapons to Iran, which was illegal under a US embargo. The allowed the CIA to fund efforts by the Nicaraguan Contras to overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Under the Boland Amendment, further funding of the Contras by the government had been prohibited by Congress.

***In addition to his work as an independent assassinations researcher, John Judge (1947-2014) was also co-founder of 9-11 Citizen Watch, Special Projects Assistant to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and cofounder of the Coalition on Political Assassination. COPA was founded in 1994 following the release of thousands of classified JFK documents by Clinton’s Assassination Review Board, and Special Projects Assistant former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

****The Chicago Seven were seven defendants charged with conspiracy, inciting to riot, and other charges related to street protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

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Also published in Veterans Today

To be continued, with a discussion of Brussell’s research into John Lennon’s assassination

23 thoughts on “Mae Brussell: Forgotten Superhero

  1. This is a fascinating discussion of an astoundingly dedicated truth-seeker, Stuart, and an interesting hint at your own research about JFK’s assassination. I found the two documentaries, Dark Legacy and Dark Legacy 2, to be entirely plausible. It’s quite clear that JFK’s and RFK’s murders, and those of other progressive thinkers and advocates, left a void and a sense of hopelessness that was filled by increasing corporate control of governments, dumbing down public education, discouraging civic engagement, outlawing dissent, promoting consumerism, and substituting investigative journalism with sports and other media divertimentos.


  2. Dr. Mae Brussell opened so many cans of worms i don’t know were to start but time has proven her and Jim Garrason where right on there PROGNOSIS of dark truths that US refuses to face..


    • Brussell talks, in one of her early radio broadcasts, about assisting Garrison with his investigation. It was on her advice that he investigated Oswald’s supposed job with the CIA-Linked Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans.


  3. I had to LOL when they talked about cutting and stapling parts of the newspapers to piece together the story, because I remember those frustrations too! In this internet age it is no longer so laborious to piece together the puzzle pieces.
    Many puzzle pieces of the global matrix are from the previous centuries and they are from the ongoing crime story continuing today.
    Voices from the past centuries are now resonating mightily with revelations of criminal branches of governments and systemic money fraud.
    Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Looking further into the Mae Brussell’s archives we find what a tortured life she and her family faced because of her truth telling.
    Below is one brief oral affidavit from her:

    Mae Brussell Reads Disturbing Letter


    • Fascinating tape. I experienced a number of attempts by intelligence informants and operatives to befriend me (in Seattle) between 1987 but, except fo I did my damnedest to keep them out of my home. I felt it really important to keep them away from my daughter.

      I, too, maintained a massive file cabinet of newspaper clippings before I got good access to the Internet in the mid-nineties.


  5. Thanks for the Mae Brussell posts. I’ve been a big fan of Mae’s ever since I found out about her a few years ago. In fact, I named my blog Brussell Sprout in honor of Mae and her subscribers, who used to call themselves the Brussell Sprouts. Have you seen the evidence that Jackie shot JFK? It’s on my blog at


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  8. Rabbi’s daughter Mae Brussell, along with fellow Jews Mark Lane and Harold Weisberg, were, for the longest time, the primary conspindustry voices blaming a White, conservative, alleged establishment for the assassination of JFK; putting all the blame variously on the CIA, the military, White racists, and a specifically Italian mafia.

    By 1964, support for Israel as a Jewish state had been made conventional while opposition to America as a specifically White, Christian country had been made fashionable. You have to be dumb not to see who had scripted the normal way of thinking.

    By now it is well-known that Jews had already gained control of organized crime, media, government and military over and above any remaining White interest group. But Washington insiders like Lane and Weisberg, and Hollywood insiders like Brussell, can have had no real illusions even back then about who ran things in the sixties. Phoneys.


    • Then why was it necessary to murder Mae Brussell with cancer and to kill one of her daughters in a car accident? I wouldn’t put her in the same category as Mark Lane. She was definitely exposing facts that the Illuminati wanted suppressed — facts about satanic cults in the military and other topics related to satanism.


      • Illuminati, satanists … Meanwhile on planet earth, Jews, as I say, control organized crime, media, government and military – plus academia and finance. Brussell lied and said Whites, in particular Nazis do. The crap you believe is just weaponized showbusiness to them, Matt.


        • LOL! Are you saying the United States didn’t import thousands of Nazis after World War II in Project Paperclip, and that these Nazis had no deleterious effects on this country? Allen Dulles and Co. ran this country into the ground and turned it into a fascist police state with help from lots of folks, including Jews, Nazis, satanists and various other people. Mae exposed all that and much more. Believe whatever you want, but I’ll never believe Jews are at the top of the conspiracy. It’s more complicated than that. The Illuminati, AKA the richest and most powerful families in the world who own the international banking cartel, are ultimately responsible. They use Jews, Nazis, Freemasons, Jesuits and anyone else they can get to carry out their plans. See this:

          And you never answered my question. If Mae was a Zionist agent, why did they murder her and kill her daughter in a car crash when she was only 15 years old?


      • As I wrote a few years ago at Fetzer’s blog, in reponse to this line of unreasoning, Matthew,

        the scientists and technicians who came over with Operation Paperclip etc., were just that, they went to work doing maths and engineering. The Soviet Union took as many as the US, and other allies took a share too. Some Nazis also fled to other parts of the world including the Arab world and South America. [and – I should have mentioned, most stayed in Germany] None of these places are as war-like as the modern US, but then they don’t have as many Jewish neocons. Culturally, it was Jewish emigres and refugees in the social sciences and media who transformed American social attitudes, not Nazis. Watch CABARET to see who won the culture war. Modern America looks just like the decadent, sleazy Weimar Berlin that the Nazis tried to wash clean.

        Lots more comment on the Fascists are coming to get us hysterics there.


        If the Fascist establishment killed Brussell for exposing them, why did it promote Jim Marrs’s RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH to the New York Times Bestseller list – a status that has nothing to do with sales, but everything to do with what they want the dupes to read? Why don’t they shut down the Discovery Channel and National Geographic channel both of which put out even more ludicrous anti-Nazi propaganda than Brussell and reaching millions of times more people?


        “I’ll never believe Jews are at the top of the conspiracy”

        Mere anti-‘gentile’ prejudice. The facts are what matter, not your objectively racist biases.


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