Mourning Charlie Hebdo Journalists, While Ignoring that US-NATO State-Sponsored Terrorism is the “Number One Killer” of Journalists



How hypocritical. Why are the lives of eight French cartoonists worth more than the hundreds of journalists killed by US/NATO allies?

Counter Information

Global Research, January 10, 2015

je-suis-charlie-statue-lberte-400x571In the wake of the terrorist attack by self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda operatives killing 12 people including 8 journalists from the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, the Western elite and mainstream media display of compassion and indignation highlights their complaisance towards Western and Israeli state terrorism.

Before exploring the broader issue, it should be noted that while the Paris attacks bear the hallmarks of a possible false flag, such as the ID card left in the car by one terrorist, an examination of the false flag hypothesis is excluded outright, completely ignored by the mainstream media. Moreover, one of the alleged terrorists, Cherif Kouachi told a French news outlet he had been financed by former Al Qaeda leader Anwar Al Awlaki, an American cleric who dined at the Pentagon a few months after 9/11 and «worked as a triple agent and an FBI asset…

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8 thoughts on “Mourning Charlie Hebdo Journalists, While Ignoring that US-NATO State-Sponsored Terrorism is the “Number One Killer” of Journalists

  1. Dr. this is what i posted on JFKFACTS yesterday I think after 51 years of BS there are far more pissed off people ready to be manipulated by far more sophisticated force to do their bidding

    January 11, 2015 at 11:57 am…/when-did-lee-harvey-oswald-decide-t…/…

    The fact is, it all smacks of a cold-blooded and heartless MK-ULTRA “hit” by Army Special Forces instructors the kind that taught at School of Americas in Panama and at Fort Bragg Georgia one Evan had degree as Mechanical engineer to fix elevators for escape Why MK-ULTRA On November 29, 1963,four days after JFK Funeral a meeting convened in the office of General Marshall S. Carter … Dr. Sidney Gottlieb was called on Carpet for experimenting on unwitting military man such as LHO 42 day stay in Japanese Brig. Was LHO just transfixed starring at signaller man/woman at curb on Elm St. as testified to by Ron Fischer And–uh–all the time I watched him, he never moved his head, he never-he never moved anything. Just was there transfixed. Did he shoot not sure but there was shots from TSBD and grassy nole


  2. And the really nasty part is that these shootings/false flags are often a smoke screen for something else even more horrific that is going on simultaneously. Remember that 3-week shooting spree on the East Coast in late 2002? Congress was ramming through its agreement to “go to war with Iraq”during that time.( We found that out after the fact.) I always wondered how two “amateur” snipers (so they said on MSM each night) could escape capture of the FBI, CIA, Marines, National Guard, NSA — what do these organizations exist for anyway — surely NOT to protect the American people. OK I’ll give up the soapbox now. Thank you.

    But aren’t you just a little bit curious? What ELSE is happening while all the world’s attention is captured by this latest example of “terrorism?”


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