Origins of the police



Excellent essay about the true history and purpose of the police – their primary purpose is crowd control and preventing collective resistance by the oppressed. The notion that they’re out there to prevent lawbreaking is a total myth.

5 thoughts on “Origins of the police

  1. Relatively few realize who owns the police, for if they did then they would not support and trust ’em…
    I am reminded of the 1974 “Chinatown” movie with Jack Nicholson a disturbing disclosure of the dark secrets that have come to light…
    Unelected incestuous elites are controlling governments and police agencies is a repeating theme
    seen in “Eyes Wide Shut” and the real world were the universal church cardinals, and Buckingham palace’s Princes (see the charges against the Duke of York, Prince Andrew) are caught in child sex abuses…

    One can hope this (hidden institutional horrors coming to public knowledge) is indicative of a coming virtuous Age where “Too Big To Jail”, “regulatory capture”, stealing and killing with impunity are things of the past.
    When personal sovereignty implement devices similar to a Peacekeeper App for all communication devices and community watch alerting People to defend themselves and assist their community.
    Stop relying on the state for everything, not only because they are untrustworthy, but also because personal sovereignty is a mature adult skill that we should all be nurturing.
    A mass awakening is required.


    • Policing isn’t necessary if people group themselves in small communities where everyone knows one another. in small communities, the major disincentive against criminal behavior is the shame and humiliation of everyone knowing about it.


      • Indeed, small communities is a great paradigm.
        “Policing” is a policy enforcer while peacekeeping is something different.
        Indeed, small communities and neighborhoods can and should band together to remove external claims to governing.
        One “aware” man commented about his wish to see the day when drivers and travelers no longer feared being pulled over by police because if they are pulled over then all traffic stops as each driver and all other travelers stopped to assist, and help keep the peace then “police” would no longer be required or they would reform into something truly useful other than extortion through fines and arrests from victimless charges.


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