Capitalism Works for Me – True or False?

Capitalism Works for Me is a public art exhibit Steve Lambert created in 2011. It’s been touring internationally for the last three years. The first video is a brief cameo of the Capitalism Works for Me exhibit in Times Square.

In the second video, Lambert discusses his inspiration for the project, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek’s observation that people find it easier to contemplate the end of human existence than the end of capitalism.

Lambert also talks about the erroneous tendency to equate capitalism and civilization and the false assumption that ending capitalism is comparable to ending civilization.

He hopes Capitalism Works for Me will help to challenge this assumption.



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10 thoughts on “Capitalism Works for Me – True or False?

    • David Graeber (in Dept: the First 5,000 Years) defines capitalism as a gigantic credit/debt apparatus designed to pump maximum labor out of everyone to produce an ever expanding quantity of material goods. Police, prisons and state sanctioned slavery are essential tools in maximizing the productivity needed to finance a political system based on continual war.

      I think that pretty well covers it.


  1. ” . . . . I don’t mean to resist, I am just trying to understand . . . . ”
    “It is for your own benefit.”
    (These are the last words in that video.)

    The question is: Who is benefitting and who isn’t?
    It is a matter of justice, isn’t it?

    Is it possible to have a just society in every part of the world?
    Do we really want everyone to benefit?

    How can we honestly answer these questions?


      • As the capitalist in the video says: “Corporate Society takes care of everything . . . . ”

        Of course, this is the way it is, the oligarchs want to have control of everything. They do not want anyone to interfere with management decisions! In future more and more people may understand that some of “management’s” decisions may lead to unacceptable behavior towards other human beings, I think this is then the time when more and more people are going to resist!

        I must say capitalism has been good for me. I like to have a comfortable life, however not at any price. Sometimes it may be difficult to see clearly where we ought to resist.


  2. Interesting ? after working for same large Co. for 32 years lost my job from so called right sizing and been outside boys club At age of 49 disbite been life long socialist i invested all my pension funds in Canadian stock market selve controlled plan’ Did better then most but 4 years ago lost 90 % of my pension mostly my falt but a high degree of market manipulate of yellow pages stock and rolling over of bonds, I still love playing the market just as i love playing Plants vs Zombies


  3. Dr. in Yellow Pages about 2 billion went to short sellers but mostly bankers gained In Enron case i see that Warren Buffet ended up with best assets


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