Obama’s Speech at Queensland



Obama’s G20 speech after he’s accidentally drugged with truth serum.

Ronald Thomas West

Imagine the CIA screwed up and inadvertently dosed Obama with truth serum instead of the prescribed ‘Virtual I Teleprompter Accelerated Implant (Nuanced)’ or ‘VITAMIN’ (CIA script memory drug)

HELLO, Brisbane! It’s good to be back in Australia. I love Kangaroos and Kangaroo courts – I really do.

The only problem with Australia is every time I come here I’ve got to follow CIA scripts and talk shit instead of going to the beach.

I want to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of this land and by paying my hypocritical respects to your elders, past and present, your poverty and despair is only equal to the perpetual apartheid of Native Americans & the people in Gaza [smirks]

It is great to be here at the faculty college for the University of Drag Queens. This university is recognized as one of the world’s great institutions of indoctrination via mind-control in the

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