6 thoughts on “Elections in Donetsk and Luhansk: Stunning Voter Turnout, Neutralization of Subversive Groups

  1. Reading multiple news releases from the East of Kiev regions the stories are:
    1. Donetsk Election Outcome Puts West’s Relations With Russia On Edge
    2. Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine named a leader of their breakaway republic on Monday after a weekend election which was denounced by Kiev and the West and further deepened a standoff with Russia over the future of the former Soviet state.
    3. Kiev threatens to a new “frozen conflict” in post-Soviet Europe and further threaten the territorial unity of Ukraine…
    4. Kiev and the West [U.S.-NATO] will now be looking to see if President Vladimir Putin will formally recognize the validity of the vote, despite their entreaties to him not to do so.

    *My unanswered questions are:
    Can Donetsk and their breakaway republic, “Donetsk People’s Republic”, gain support to defend their sovereignty?
    Will Kiev and private military contractors storm the new republic for reunification?
    These are the discussions behind closed doors that we need to know about.

    Apparently my questions will be answered very soon –
    UN, November 4. /TASS/. Russia has opposed a UN Security Council move to criticize elections held in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, with a senior official telling the United Nations a statement from the 15-member council is “inadequate”. – http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/757991

    *Expect formal treaty/agreement with Russia…?


    • I sure wish I had a crystal ball to answer your unanswered questions. I would add a 3rd – whether NATO is going to back a Kiev invasion of the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Kiev is broke. Their military force relies on a totally mish mash of uncoordinated militias. I think the main reason they agreed to the ceasefire was due to their ability to prevail military. I don’t think anything has changed recently to enhance their military prowess. So the question for me is whether Obama is willing to sponsor a NATO invasion of Ukraine.


      • A lot to respond to here, and that is fantastic!
        My questions will most likely be answered in time as we scrutinize the activities of the various institutions and their hirelings.
        @Paul -Yes, that is the well publicized perspective from the West, namely that separatist need to accept defeat or face armed retaliation from Kiev (or rather in propaganda terms: terrorists should lay down their arms and surrender). The fact that Eastern Ukraine has some private military contractors to oppose the private military contractors supporting Kiev makes a standoff more likely – unless NATO openly violates its charter.
        The Ukraine region will likely become a political buffer between Europe/NATO and Euro-Asia Russian Federation/BRICS/SCO alliance… or not.
        Who knows what is going on behind those closed doors.

        The Russian UN ambassador called for recognizing Donetsk’s vote, I guess that indicates Russia will formally announce the recognition of “Donetsk People’s Republic”.
        The U.S’s, security council veto will deny UN membership thus the buffer-zone will have come into being; creating yet another perpetual military tension profiting the military industry.
        However, that scenario is vulnerable to the strains within NATO, as Germany or Turkey may exit the E.U. and then NATO could splinter into a weakling…
        The economics (MONEY) trumps all.
        Germany has signaled their displeasure with West’s policies undermining Germany’s economy: http://ronmamita.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/german-exports-to-russia-plummet/

        Kiev appears to be solidly in the net of U.S-Europe and the IMF, thus Russia will recognize that Kiev is swimming away, and more than happy to say goodbye? Simply my guess.
        But, search for the splintering of the European Union, as some nations are unhappy with the U.S./UK destructive policies and interference.

        @Stuartbramhall – I agree, Kiev is a weak bully that now is totally dependent on NATO and the West’s private military contractors.
        Will NATO invade Donetsk?
        Depends on Russia’s commitment…
        The fact that Kiev’s advance has been halted, conveys that NATO will meet Russia’s resolve and thus I think it unlikely that NATO will violate their own charter for Kiev. Unless WWIII is declared.
        We should be watching events critically.


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