Farrakhan’s Views on Obama

Below is a fascinating excerpt from Part 8 of Louis Farrakhan’s lecture series The Time and What Must Be Done. Farrahkan is the present leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), best known for its most famous member Malcolm X.

It’s been more than ten years since I heard Farrakhan speak. He has made remarkable progress from his overt antisemitism and talk of white people as blue-eyed devils. I still have a slight problem with the “666” symbolism of the year 2013, which he links with the “beasts” (America, England, Germany and France).

Otherwise his analysis is remarkably similar to that of white economist, journalist and former Reagan official Paul Craig Roberts. The NOI leader is highly critical of Obama’s murderous policies in Libya and Syria and his use of drones for targeted assassinations, as well as his apparent willingness to support an Israeli-inspired war with Iran. He also condemns the President’s destruction of American democracy. He describes the US as an oligarchy leading the American people into fascism.

The video is nearly two years old. Amazing how little US foreign policy has changed.

4 thoughts on “Farrakhan’s Views on Obama

  1. Well, while I don’t ‘care’ for Louis Farrakhan, I do agree with much of what he said in the video. There will indeed be a ‘backlash’ to what America is doing to countries all over the world. I don’t quite know how and I don’t know when but the chickens are eventually going to ‘come home to roost’. My only regret is that for the most part, those who will suffer will be those who have been suffering all along. Millions of Americans are facing hardships too numerous to count and they and their plight are being ignored while the politicians and their warmonger friends wreak havoc and cause widespread needless suffering, the world over with never ending wars. This must be stopped. It has to be stopped because it is out-of-control. Lunatics have taken over the asylum and are running amok.

    As for Louis Farrakhan’s talk of ‘antisemitism’, I have no problem with that mainly because of what Israel is doing to the people of the Gaza Strip and for the fact that Jews have made it a well-known fact of their dislike of those who look like me but then throw in almost the entire world and their views are shared by many. As for name calling with regards to the ‘blue-eyed devils’, I’ve used that myself and though I do know that name calling is juvenile, being referred to as a ‘blue-eyed devil’ is certainly less harsh than any names that have quite often been directed my way. If someone were to call me a ‘brown-eyed devil’, why I’d take that as a compliment considering what I have been called. But again, I suppose it is a question of individual sensitivity and what people find offensive, but it is generally understood what the most offensive word to me is and so I needn’t go into that here.

    We could all stand to have more empathy for one another but with hate being propagated on a constant basis, I don’t hold out much hope for that to happen on a large scale.

    Thanks for posting this one Dr. Bramhall.


  2. After watching the counter protest by the Darren Wilson supporters in Ferguson, I can truly see where you are coming from, not only about suffering but about the mass ignorance of white Americans.

    The increase in the level of ignorance in the 12 years since I left the US is totally mind blowing. It’s like they all belong to a cult that prohibits mass education. I was particular struck by one comment about “We gave you all your freedom.” Talk about naked white supremacy.

    Your comment about the breakdown between Jews and African Americans (though true) also makes me quite sad. Before the powers that be killed socialism and the New Deal, there used to be strong alliances between African Americans and Jews in the Communistic Party, in various socialist groups and in the left wing of the Democratic Party. Webster Tarpley talks about this in his Unauthorized Biography of Barack Obama.

    Nixon, George Schulz and McGeorge Bundy at the Ford Foundation hatched the scheme to drive a permanent wedge between Jews and African Americans via a whole series of cleverly funded community grants. Obama was part of one of these schemes when he was a so-called “organizer” in Chicago. This mainly seems to happen through the schools, which also makes me extremely sad.

    I had always viewed my parents as incurable racists until they had the experience of being trained by amazingly skilled and kind black master teachers and working with black colleagues in Milwaukee’s inner city schools. They not only cured my parents of their racism, but of their anti-unionism. As a child growing up I never ever dreamed I would see either of my parents walk a picket line.

    They offered a solid friendship that was very different from what my parents had ever experienced from their white neighbors. For the most part it was these African Americans who brought food to the house when my father died and made sure my mother wasn’t alone.


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