Mumia Abu Jamal Speaks on “The ISIS Crisis: A U.S. Creation”



Political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, along with Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, are America’s conscience.

United States Hypocrisy

The following is the latest commentary from America’s most well-known political prisoner worldwide, Mumia Abu Jamal. All credit goes to Mumia as well as to Noelle Hanrahan for regularly recording these radio commentaries, which are available online at

The Isis Crisis: A U.S. Creation (2:43) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

When the ISIS group cracked the news several weeks ago, it stunned millions of Americans who wondered, “Where did this come from?”

The media, performing their function of servant to the corporate state, just as they did in the run-up to the Iraq war in 2003, simply distributed audio from the Pentagon and politicians.

Few went deeper.

One had to search hard to find the truth – that ISIS was armed, paid and equipped by the U.S. And moreover that ISIS, like al-Qaeda, was a tool of U.S. Grand Strategy, a strategy designed decades ago to win the grand prize…

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11 thoughts on “Mumia Abu Jamal Speaks on “The ISIS Crisis: A U.S. Creation”

  1. Thanks DrB. The only thing is, Tubularsock has to take exception with the “few went deeper” line in this article. This has been like “going deeper” is some kind of major task. Usually it’s reading the second paragraph.

    Maybe in yesteryear one would have to go to the library to research the facts but now it’s three-clicks.

    Many may not want to know ………


  2. I think maybe he meant deeper than Fox or the 6 o’clock news. I think this is still where most people get their information. And you’re right most people don’t want to know. It might take them awhile to figure out where to look on the Internet and they would have no framework for assessing the reliability of the information.


    • Sad isn’t it? I think most ppl try to escape knowing the reality in the world here in the States to be honest. Well first of all we are so brainwashed from childhood into thinking America is the greatest most perfect place the world has ever known and better than everyone else, and after having this shoved in your brain since such a young age most ppl can’t even allow themselves to think maybe America is the world’s great aggressor! We always hear about ppl calling others “uneducated”, but truthfully even those who are supposedly so educated in the U.S. are also MISeducated.


    • Yes indeedy. The BBC is reporting there are Turkish tanks on the Syrian border after some Kurdish shells crossed into Turkey. A novel use of a Congressional recess. Is all this supposed to improve votes for Democrats in November? I can’t believe Americans are that stupid. I think it’s more likely to persuade millions of people to stay home and not vote – which usually benefits Republicans.


      • And then the funny thing is Democratic politicians will say over the next 2 years, “this is why you’ve got to get out and vote Democrat to make a difference” when truly foreign policy-wise and financial-wise both parties are just the same.


        • I think the Democrats have made a terrible mistake invading Iraq and Syria 6 weeks before a general election. If ISIS is a genuine entity bombing them for 6 weeks won’t make the slightest bit of difference – on election day all Americans will see is two more budget breaking indefinite military quagmires. If, as Veterans Today is claiming, ISIS is mainly an invention of US, British and Israeli intelligence ( there’s always the possibility it could go poof right before election day and miraculously disappear.

          Even so, I think it’s an extremely risky strategy. People in the military and intelligence community are really getting fed up with the callous way Obama is treating them. With so many of them, leaking like sieves, it seems the scam would be blown in a matter of weeks, if not days.

          My prediction is that people will stay home in droves in November. That the US public is fed up with politicians and the media manipulating them.


          • Agreed. I believe that a generation of young people who voted in droves for Obama seeing the possibility of him being something different than what we’re used to, only to see the same capitalists pulling the stings and rigging the system as usual, are more disillusioned than ever with the political system. We have no say so in our future through the voting process. What is there to vote for?

            And I think people are slow to wake up to the origins of ISIS. I do not know for certain whether the U.S. intentionally created ISIS in the form we see it, though I’m open to the possibility, but I know for a fact that at the very least the U.S. intelligence agencies created ISIS indirectly through its funneling of money and weapons to extremists to destroy the Syrian government. Either way it’s clear the extremist we now claim to be bombing were birthed from our reckless destructive foreign policy.
            I honestly can’t say I’m really rooting for either side in the upcoming elections, because both parties are war-mongers, not to mention the way Democrats have completely went back on their word to immigrants which is an extreme disappointment. The only thing which “scares” me is that the GOP will be able to push through even more extreme fundamentalist laws, but that’s the fear factor Democrats rely on to get votes. “We’re not perfect, but look how crazy they are.” And it worked like a charm in 2012.


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